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How Do Clinicians Make Prescribing Decisions?

December 11, 2019
  Angela Couch, RN, MSN, PMHNP-BC Lindner Center of HOPE, Pyschiatric Nurse Practitioner Making decisions about which medication to prescribe is a complicated process.  Janicak, et al (2006, p. 1) described the complexity of the issue fairly well, “…while improved therapies to ease a patient’s suffering are constantly emerging, the practitioner is required to continually […]

“En Lindner Center of HOPE tambien hablamos espanol” (In Lindner Center of HOPE we also speak Spanish)

October 23, 2019
Lo que fui es lo que soy…. (“What I was is what I am”. An article addressing the challenges and consequences of immigration from a social and psychological perspective and how this process ends up shaping us in multiple and unexpected ways while trying to maintain and cultivate original roots.) Soy venezolana. Soy psiquiatra y […]

Innovations in Mental Health Treatment

October 22, 2019
By Danielle J. Johnson, MD, FAPA Lindner Center of HOPE, Chief of Adult Psychiatry   Innovations in Mental Health Treatment By Danielle J. Johnson, MD, FAPA Lindner Center of HOPE, Chief of Adult Psychiatry The past year has brought exciting innovations in treatment options for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), major depressive disorder […]

Social Media and Technology and the Impact on Mental Health

October 22, 2019
By Jen Milau, APRN, PMHNP-BC Lindner Center of HOPE, Psychiatric Mental-Health Nurse Practitioner  There’s no denying it: the advent of social media has changed the way we connect with one another. In some ways, these programs have offered an opportunity to locate and reconnect with lost friends or family members – a phenomenon that was […]

Parenting for good mental health in children

October 22, 2019
By Anna I. Guerdjikova, PhD, MSW, LSW “Mens sana in corpore sano” is a Latin saying from the Satires of Juvenal (ad c.60–c.130) , literally translating to ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ and widely used nowadays to describe the concept of wellness – the need for both physical and mental wellbeing to be […]

Identifying and Treating Panic Disorder

August 7, 2019
By Nicole Bosse, PsyD Lindner Center of HOPE, Staff Psychologist What is panic disorder? Panic disorder consists of recurrent unexpected panic attacks, specifically a spike of intense anxiety or discomfort that reaches a peak in minutes that is followed by four or more of the following symptoms: racing heart/palpitations, sweating, trembling/shaking, shortness of breath, feelings […]

Innovations in Mental Health Treatment

August 7, 2019
 Innovations in Mental Health Treatment By Danielle J. Johnson, MD, FAPA Lindner Center of HOPE, Chief of Adult Psychiatry The past year has brought exciting innovations in treatment options for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), major depressive disorder (MDD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD.) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the marketing […]

“In the News” – Dr. Cummings and patient discuss youth mental illness warning signs with Local 12’s Liz Bonis.

June 26, 2019
  Trevor Steinhauser’s struggle with mental illness began at an early age, but thanks to receiving early help and support for his symptoms, Trevor is feeling better and is now four years sober. Trevor and Tracy Cummings, MD, Medical Director of Inpatient and Partial Hospital Program Services at Lindner Center of HOPE, spoke with Local […]

Trauma and Mental Health

June 5, 2019
Jennifer L. Farley, PsyD Lindner Center of HOPE, Staff Psychologist When horrible things happen, things that we didn’t want or expect, they can have a significant – and sometimes devastating – effect on our lives. This is especially the case when the horrible event was perceived as a risk to our life or the life […]

Mindful Eating

May 7, 2019
Elizabeth Mariutto, PsyD Clinical Director of Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Adult Eating Disorder Services and Staff Psychologist, Harold C. Schott Foundation Eating Disorders Program, Lindner Center of HOPE “Every time I try a diet, I do okay for a while, and then I go back to my usual eating.” According to the National Eating […]

“In the News” – Dr. Tracy Cummings Joins This Week in Cincinnati to Discuss Adolescent Suicides

April 15, 2019
Several suicides among local high school students has the Cincinnati community mourning these losses and searching for answers. WCPO’s Tanya O’Rourke spoke with Lindner Center of HOPE Medical Director of Inpatient and Partial Hospital Program Services Dr. Tracy Cummings about what families need to know about suicide prevention for themselves and their children. According to […]

New Treatments Available to Help People with Drug Addictions

March 14, 2019
The statistics surrounding addiction are shocking and the impact is devastating. In 2017, 70,000 people[i] in the U.S. died from drug overdoses – the highest number in history. Hamilton County accounted for 570 of those deaths[ii]. The City of Cincinnati alone saw a 79% increase in overdose deaths from 2014 to 2017. The region, including […]

Cincinnati — A National Hub for Mental Healthcare

March 14, 2019
Services, resources and research unmatched in Midwest Mental illness is a condition that affects one in five Americans[i]. While more celebrities are revealing their own struggles, and research has led to new understanding and treatments, mental illness remains shrouded in stigma. Many barriers prevent access to treatment as well, including cost. Communities across the country […]

Screenagers: Overcoming internet and gaming addictions

March 14, 2019
A New Way to Balance Digital Usage It’s a concern for parents across the country. Teenagers are consumed by countless digital distractions. Smart phones, gaming consoles, or any number of devices connected to the Internet compete for their attention. Concerns over growing and habitual media use are nothing new, but the broad availability of portable […]

“In the News” – Reuters features Lindner Center “Reboot” Internet Addictions Program

March 8, 2019
  Reuters featured the success story of a teenager who found help with Internet and gaming addiction through a new treatment program at the Lindner Center of HOPE. The story explains why more medical professionals are taking Internet addiction seriously and how the Lindner Center has pioneered a program to meet this modern condition. A […]

“In the News” – Dr. Tuell joins Fox and Friends to Discuss Internet Addiction

March 4, 2019
Lindner Center of HOPE Clinical Director of Addiction Services Dr. Chris J. Tuell joined Fox & Friends on January 28, 2019 to talk about a new program at the Lindner Center designed to identify and treat Internet addiction. “This program helps those struggling with a loss of control to re-center their lives to avoid additional […]

Self-Organization of Household Culture

March 1, 2019
Michael O’Hearn, MSW, LISW-S Odum’s Paradigm Odum’s (1988) Self-Organization, Transformity, and Information is a conceptual framework for this intervention.  It is supported by two traditional pillars of economic theory: (1) the production-consumption model (“supply and demand”), and (2) production-consumption growth equilibrium.  This is a social currency system, not a monetary system; the currency is energy […]

“In the News” – Dr. Bosse joins FOX19’s Morning show to discuss SAD

February 25, 2019
Dr. Nicole Bosse appeared on FOX19’s Morning Show (Cincinnati) to talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder and how local residents can recognize the signs of SAD in themselves and others, help themselves avoid seasonal depression and find help through treatment at the Lindner Center of HOPE. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression triggered […]

Love the medication but hate the weight gain?

February 6, 2019
Nicole Mori RN, MSN, APRN-BC Nurse Practitioner Lindner Center of HOPE Obesity is an important comorbidity among psychiatric patients and is associated with increased morbidity and a complicated clinical course.  Many frequently used psychotropic medications can contribute to weight gain, which commonly accompanies adverse metabolic outcomes.  Weight gain is distressing to patients and leads to decreased […]

Recovery Supporters Can Also Experience a Rough Road, But The Journey Is Still Worthwhile

January 10, 2019
  Peter White, M.A., LPCC, Lindner Center of HOPE, Addictions Counselor Many loved ones of people with substance use disorders are often discouraged by the severity and duration of distress initiated and endured by their loved ones. In a related manner, many professionals working with people with substance use disorders become disillusioned and discouraged by […]