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Manage stress, do not eliminate it

June 5, 2015
By Dr. Robin Arthur, Chief of Psychology, Lindner Center of HOPE   What are the top five stressors in your life right now? Write them down and set them aside. So what is stress? Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that “demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual […]

Addressing Mental Health Before Stage 4 (#B4Stage4)

April 24, 2015
When we think about cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, we don’t wait years to treat them. We start before Stage4—we begin with prevention. When people are in the first stage of those diseases, and are beginning to show signs of symptoms like a persistent cough, high blood pressure, or high blood sugar, we try immediately […]

Opioid Addiction: What we need to know.

March 30, 2015
(Part 1) Introduction and Accidental Overdose Jolomi Ikomi, MD, Chris J. Tuell, EdD, LPCC-S, LICDC, Lindner Center of HOPE, Staff Psychiatrist; University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry   Opioids are indicated in treatment of acute and chronic non-cancer pain. Opioids are psychoactive substances and can cause an increased sense […]

Lincoln’s Melancholy

February 25, 2015
Chris J. Tuell, EdD, LPCC-S, LICDC, Lindner Center of HOPE, Clinical Director of Addiction Services; University of Cincinnati, Department of Counseling, Adjunct Professor, Addiction Studies   For many of us growing-up in school, February was all about the Presidents, most notably, Abraham Lincoln. As our opinion of politicians has waned over the years, we can […]

Bipolar Disorder

February 18, 2015
By Paul E. Keck, Jr., MD President-CEO, Lindner Center of HOPE Frances & Craig Lindner Professor & Executive Vice Chair Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience University of Cincinnati College of Medicine   Bipolar disorder is common and recurrent psychiatric illness associated with high rates of morbidity, disability and mortality. In the United States, the […]

Start Anew in 2015!

January 5, 2015
By: Lynn Gordon, ThD, Spiritual Care Coordinator Lindner Center of HOPE There was a popular television series in the 1970’s called, “Kung Fu.” I recall an episode when Kwai Chang Caine, the main character played by David Carradine was revisiting a disappointing and sad moment in his youth. In providing support to Caine, Master Po […]

End of Daylight-Saving Time, Winter, and Holidays Can Lead to Depression

November 14, 2014
November, 2014—For many people, the comfortable fall air marks the end of daylight savings time and the start of a busy holiday season. However, the dark reality of less daylight, the approaching winter months, and heightened holiday stress can lead to depression. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, nearly six out of 100 […]

Depression Statistics

September 23, 2014
With National Depression Screening Day® approaching, learn about some statistics surrounding depression. One-third of individuals with a chronic illness experience symptoms of depression One in five 18 to 25 year olds experienced a mental illness in the past year According to the World Health Organization, depression is projected to become the second leading contributor to […]

Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Borderline Personality Disorder

September 2, 2014
By:  Erik Messamore, MD, PhD Dr. Messamore is both a clinical psychiatrist and psychiatric researcher at the Lindner Center of HOPE. He reviews new or little-known clinical research findings at his website –   Borderline personality disorder is characterized by mood disturbance and impulsivity. Moods in borderline personality can shift rapidly and are often […]

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

June 3, 2014
Millions of individuals live each day in fear – not of an actual physical threat, but imaginary dangers, remembered trauma, inanimate objects, or something as simple as walking outside their front door. The most common psychiatric illnesses today are anxiety disorders.  Estimates place the number of affected Americans at up to 40 million. At least […]

Stigma and Mental Illness: Facts about Violence

May 21, 2014
When another episode of senseless violence occurs, such as a school shooting, mental health advocates hold their collective breaths as they wait to find out more about the perpetrator of such tragedy. If a mental health diagnosis is found, it fuels renewed public debate about violence and mental illness. While discussion on finding better predictors […]

Now Open! Adolescent Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment and Intensive Treatment Program at Lindner Center of HOPE

May 15, 2014
Adolescence is a critical time when physical, cognitive, and social changes allow a teenager to develop the identity that will serve as a basis for their adult lives. Unfortunately, research indicates this is also the time when psychiatric illness develops and becomes more present. The significant impact of these illnesses in the developmental years, makes […]

Bullying in the Workplace: The Facts

May 13, 2014
Everyone’s talking about bullying these days – on the playground, in cyberspace – and, yes, even in the workplace. Bullying among adults? Is the term just being overused, or does bullying in the workplace really exist? The answer is, unfortunately, yes. According to one survey, as many as 40% or more of workers have experienced […]

How To Talk To Your Teen About Suicide

April 22, 2014
To most parents, the idea of talking with their teens about suicide provokes a great deal of anxiety.  If you are the parent of a teenager, you may feel awkward about broaching the subject or wonder why you should even bring it up. The reality is that such a discussion can be literally life-saving.  Suicide […]

Non-Traditional Treatment of Depression: Exercise, Yoga, and Tai Chi

April 8, 2014
Millions of Americans suffer from depression each year.  While medication and psychotherapy can provide great benefit to those suffering from the disorder, researchers have found that less traditional treatment methods are worth another look.  In particular, exercise has been found to boost mood and contribute to overall mind/body wellness.  Whether used as a supplement to […]

Lindner Center of HOPE To Host A Free Evening of Public Awareness about Male Sexual Victimization

March 25, 2014
Evening to feature a screening of Boys and Men Healing, a Big Voice Pictures Production, and Howard Fradkin, PhD, LICDC-CS, author of Joining Forces:  Empowering Male Survivors to Thrive *** Mason, OH – March 21, 2014 – Lindner Center of HOPE at 4075 Old Western Row Road in Mason is hosting Dare to Dream: An […]

Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder

March 11, 2014
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is one of the most difficult and frustrating mental disorders to experience or treat.  Its name comes from the Greek myth about Narcissus, a handsome young man who saw his reflection in a pool of water and fell in love with it. We all have known individuals who seem to be […]

Understanding Your Teenager’s Depression

February 11, 2014
If you are the parent of a teenager, dealing with moodiness may seem like a fact of life.  But for many teens, something more serious than moodiness is affecting their behavior. Today, at least one in eight teenagers may experience depression. Severe depression in teens can even lead to suicide, the second leading cause of […]

How Psychotherapy Can Offer Help and Hope

February 4, 2014
To the general public, psychotherapy is often seen as a mysterious treatment process — a type of therapeutic “mumbo jumbo.” Understanding the true nature and benefits of psychotherapy can help individuals who might benefit most to consider this valuable clinical treatment option. Millions of Americans of all ages and walks of life have undergone psychotherapy […]

Your Child and Bullying: Ten Tips for Concerned Parents

January 21, 2014
An estimated one third of all children are bullied at some time, and with the advent of online or cyber-bullying, that percentage will only rise. Parents can take action to both help prevent bullying and help children cope with abusive behavior when it does occur. Follow these ten tips to make a difference in your […]