“In the News” – Dr. Tuell joins Fox and Friends to Discuss Internet Addiction

Lindner Center of HOPE Clinical Director of Addiction Services Dr. Chris J. Tuell joined Fox & Friends on January 28, 2019 to talk about a new program at the Lindner Center designed to identify and treat Internet addiction.

“This program helps those struggling with a loss of control to re-center their lives to avoid additional complications,” said Dr. Tuell.

According to Mental Health America, children with Internet addiction often struggle with other mental health problems like alcohol and substance use, depression, and/or aggression.

Addiction experts at the Lindner Center of HOPE assess if patients are suffering from one or more co-occurring disorders, like depression, in addition to unhealthy Internet habits. Studies have suggested pre-existing depression or anxiety could lead to a gaming addiction. Identifying underlying mental health conditions can help personalize treatment plans for each “Reboot” patient.

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Watch more: https://video.foxnews.com/v/5995373867001/#sp=show-clips