Clinical Placements for Students


The Lindner Center of HOPE is proud to be a teaching hospital. We offer clinical practicum experiences for nurse practitioner students to provide the opportunity to understand the essential link from the classroom’s theoretical learning to real life. Clinical practicums provide an opportunity for students to engage in real life experiences in various degree healthcare fields. Lindner Center of HOPE is proud to partner with many local and regional Universities.

The increased numbers of students enrolled in clinical programs regionally has necessitated procedures to assist as many students as possible to have a clinical practicum placement. Due to this, Lindner Center of HOPE reserves the right to place priority to students attending the University of Cincinnati or are employed by Lindner Center of HOPE.


Nurse Practitioner Student Placement

Master of Social Work (MSW) Student Placement


All students awarded a clinical practicum experience at Lindner Center of HOPE will be required to meet the Lindner Center of HOPE’s pre-boarding requirements. Upon acceptance, students will receive instructions on how to complete the necessary requirements prior to starting a rotation. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the pre-boarding requirements are met and kept on file with their respected University. Lindner Center of HOPE does not need to obtain copies of these items.

In order to ensure transparency with students, our pre-boarding requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Local and Federal Criminal Background Check
  • FBI & BCI WebCheck (Fingerprinting)
  • Proof of Health Insurance Coverage
  • Physical Health Exam Documentation
  • 10-panel Drug Screen
  • Proof of Required Immunizations & TB Test

Lindner Center of HOPE will need to have a current clinical educational agreement on file with selected students’ university prior to the student’s start date. The student will not be able to start their clinical rotation until a compromising agreement has been made between Lindner Center of HOPE and the student’s university.