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“Staff here are incredible compassionate people!”

“The complete staff from cleaners, kitchen, therapist, nurses and doctor all went above and beyond their duties.”

“I have a lot to work on but I feel I strongly have the tools I need to go on with my journey. I loved this program and all of North staff are really good and they’re very honest and helpful and supported me and everyone else on the unit. Thanks to everyone doing their job, I’m open to more therapy now – at first I wasn’t. Thanks to everyone!”

“Staff was hospitable, kind; I felt extremely welcome. Keep THAT up, it helps more than you realize.”

“Extra thanks to Lynelle (Rec Therapist), Nurses Amy and Julie, SW Kim, MHS Debbie for going above and beyond in their care for me.”

“Thank you ALL for being in my corner! So very grateful for your guidance and support. God Bless!”

“I would probably be dead or in jail if not for LCOH. Thank you!”

You guys are great, don’t change a thing!”

“You being here saved my life again. Valerie, Spiritual Care, listened and understood my pain which changed the course of my life. Laurie and Cora were very encouraging and helped me feel no shame when I asked for “as needed” meds. Nick and Nicki are a great team and got me through quarantine. So many others helped reflect respect, and self-dignity to me at a time when I thought I had lost them. Now I have them back. The most critical person to my process here was Kimberly Spivey. She provided coordinated care that was relevant, connected and appropriate for my daily changing needs. Many other patient commented how outstanding her care was for each of us.”

“The experience here at Lindner Hope was excellent. All of the staff are friendly, helpful and amazing. There were no poor interactions or bad experiences. Would definitely refer.”

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. Everyone who works here is an angel in my eyes.”

“I love everyone and everything here. Thanks for everything!!”

“This is a very special place. I felt safe, encouraged and understood. Everyone is kind and compassionate and I learned many coping skills.”

“The PHP staff has been amazing at teaching skills that can easily be practiced in my everyday life. I feel that everyone is truly passionate about improving the individual’s quality of life. Thank you!”

“PHP exceeded my expectations. It’s been a great experience. It’s given me tools and a positive outlook. All Staff was great.”