Residential Treatment Programs and Premier Adult Assessment

Transforming Mental Healthcare within the Phases and Stages of Care.

The unique presentation of mental illness and addiction in every individual, coupled with the level of severity of illness, makes a singular path for evaluation and assessment inadequate in the process of gathering and interpreting information that will ultimately result in answers to the question, “where to go from here?” Residential programs can help answer this question.

It can be hard to find the best treatment for you or your loved one. When acute inpatient care, office visits and medication don’t seem to work, we’re here for you. As you look into options, the structure and extra support in residential treatment programs may be the right choice. Unlike other mental health facilities, the residential programs at the Lindner Center of HOPE offers a dedicated, full-time staff and focused, home-like environment for a more intensive approach to stabilization, diagnosis and treatment.

Sibcy House Adult Residential Treatment Programs for Mental Health and Addiction

Sibcy House at Lindner Center of HOPE is a specialized and enhanced therapeutic environment offering comprehensive diagnostic assessment and short-term residential treatment programs for individuals age 18 and older. A free-standing facility on Lindner Center’s campus, Sibcy House is dedicated to transforming the lives of those struggling with complex, co-morbid mental health and addiction issues.

Williams House: Adult Stabilizing Evaluation and Residential Treatment Programs

Williams House residential programs at Lindner Center of HOPE offers psychiatric evaluation, cognitive therapy, medication adjustment, compliance support, detoxification, observation and treatment initiation. These work together to effectively prepare patients for the next level of care. A free-standing unit on the Center’s campus, Williams House is an intimate and stabilizing residential environment for adults age 18 and older with co-morbid mental health and addiction issues.

10-Day Residential Treatment Programs: Detox and Evaluation

This unique residential program is a foundation for wellness following detox from alcohol and drugs. It’s a trustworthy compass in the confusing world of addictions. Here patients 18 and older suffering from a primary substance-use disorder receive medical support for detoxifying, as well as individualized evaluation, stabilization and guidance along the road to recovery.

Breaking the Pattern: OCD Assessment & Residential Treatment Programs

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a potentially disabling condition, characterized by patterns of repetitive actions and obsessive thoughts. For individuals with OCD and co-occurring conditions, these patterns can trigger intense anxiety, disrupting their lives by interfering with relationships and making it difficult to function well in school, at work or at home.

OCD Patient-Centered Residential Treatment Programs
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Our premier residential programs, Sibcy House and Williams House, offer hope through a proven and step-by-step assessment and treatment program designed by experienced OCD specialists.

  • Patients 18 and older learn to overcome their fears and stop the never-ending cycle of recurrent, intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviors.

Treatment modalities, customized to each patient, may include therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and mindfulness training.

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Listen to the “Realities of OCD” as presented by Lindner Center of HOPE’s OCD experts.

Screening Questions
If you suspect that you, or someone you know, suffers from OCD, answering a few simple questions may provide more clarity.

Not sure if residential treatment programs are right for you or your loved one? View our Guide to Residential Mental Health and How to Know When Residential Treatment May be Necessary to find out more information.

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