Residential Treatment Centers for Adults in Kentucky

If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health illness or addiction, contact Lindner Center of HOPE for information about our residential programs. If you are in a dangerous situation, facing an emergency or need help immediately, call 911.

If you are a provider looking to refer a patient, call 513-536-0537 or download one of our residential referral forms here.

Mental health and addiction residential treatment centers for adults help individuals struggling with mental illness reach recovery by providing 24-hour care and support alongside therapeutic services in licensed residential treatment facilities. They create a safe environment where patients can focus fully on achieving their health and wellness goals, including long-term recovery.

This page will give you the information you need about residential treatment centers for adults in Kentucky, answer any questions you may have about treatment, and help determine whether residential care is right for you. 

How To Find Residential Treatment Centers

Choosing a residential treatment center can be an overwhelming experience but is an important one for you or your loved one. There are several licensed residential treatment centers for adults in Kentucky and surrounding states that can offer help through mental health and addiction programs. 

Here are some things to consider when selecting residential treatment:

  • Talk with your doctor or healthcare provider. They will have insight on which facility will be best for your needs and they can provide referrals. 
  • If you know someone who has dealt with mental health issues or addiction issues you can ask them for advice, they may have insight or advice to help you make a decision. 
  • Research which mental health residential treatment centers are best for your specific needs. Certain facilities focus on certain disorders. 
  • Mental health treatment can vary from state to state. More mental health resources specifically for the state of Kentucky can be found here
  • Consider traveling for treatment. Being in a new place can help to put distance between the patient and their triggers, making it easier to stick to their treatment plan.

Benefits of Traveling for Treatment

In some cases, traveling to a different city or state may be the best option for getting high-quality treatment. This is particularly true for those who live in rural areas or small towns, where there may be only a handful of facilities nearby to choose from. By expanding your search to include programs located outside of your immediate area, you can significantly increase your chances of finding a center that offers the level of care you or your loved one needs.

In addition, traveling for treatment can also provide a much-needed sense of a fresh start. Being in a new place can help to take the focus off of you or your loved one’s issues and instead provide the opportunity to focus on recovery.

What Our Residential Treatment Center Offers

Many patients and families choose to travel from Kentucky to Ohio to seek care at Lindner Center of HOPE. Here at Lindner Center of HOPE we offer adults who are suffering from mental health and addictions issues a safe place to focus on their recovery. Our facility and treatment can offer quality and caring treatment. We use evidence based treatment and meet patients where they are on their recovery journey. 

We offer treatment for depression disorders, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, addiction disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, psychotic disorders, and more. Contact us to understand our treatment options better. 

Tips for Evaluating Residential Treatment Centers for Adults in Kentucky

 Residential treatment centers for adults can range widely in their approach to treatment, success rates, amenities, cost and length of stay. When evaluating residential programs there are many things that are important to consider:

  1. Make sure the facility has been evaluated and licensed by a state or national accrediting body. For facilities in Kentucky, ensure they are licensed by the Cabinet of Health and Family Services of Kentucky.
  2. Make sure the facility treats the specific mental health or addiction issue you are seeking treatment for. Not all facilities specialize in the same facets of mental health or addiction. 
  3. Look for facilities that specialize in treating your illness and have a proven high success rate. Success rates for illness treatment vary by facility.
  4. Contact the financial department and your insurance company to see if your insurance will cover the program. Some facilities may offer payment plans or financial aid. 
  5. Go and visit the facilities you are considering. Talk to the staff and make sure it is an environment you feel comfortable in. 

When is Residential Mental Health the Right Choice?

There are many treatment options for mental health and addiction issues. But residential mental health treatment is only necessary in certain circumstances.

Some of the circumstances where residential treatment may be helpful include:

  • Patients who transition out of an inpatient treatment situation at a hospital. 
  • Individuals whose current treatment plan is not working for them. 
  • Individuals seeking further stabilization, ongoing diagnostic and intensive treatment. 
  • Individuals whose mental health issues or addiction are causing conflict in their everyday life and interpersonal relationships. 

These are a few, but not all, situations in which seeking residential mental health might be a good option. Always consult with your doctor or a mental health professional to consider which options are best for you.

How Much Does a Mental Health Facility Cost in Kentucky? 

Depending on the facility, program, and length of your stay the cost of a residential mental health treatment plan will vary. Some facilities may take private or public insurance and some may be self-pay. Often facilities also have payment plans or financial aid available. 

Here at Lindner Center of HOPE we have financial counselors available to answer your financial questions. Our counselors are available Monday through Friday during business hours. 

How Long Does Treatment at a Residential Mental Health Facility Take?

The length of treatment at a residential mental health facility largely depends on a patient’s needs. There are short term facilities and long term facilities. A short term program would be a treatment plan for 90 days or less, a long term program could last up to one or two years. 

Lindner Center of HOPE offers two residential programs for adults. 

  1. A 10-day diagnostic assessment or stabilizing evaluation. 
  2. A 28-day program of intensive therapy treatment and counseling. 

What Should You Expect Out of a Residential Treatment Facility? 

Residential mental health treatment centers offer a chance for patients to focus on their recovery in a controlled and safe environment. A residential treatment facility can offer you or your loved one a controlled environment to confront mental health and addiction issues. 

By taking the stresses of everyday life out of the equation a residential treatment facility allows the patient to focus on recovery and just recovery in a safe controlled environment. 

About Lindner Center of HOPE

At Lindner Center of HOPE we offer exceptional and personal care. We focus on evidence based treatment. Residence based treatment at Lindner Center of HOPE allows individuals to confront their mental health and addiction issues in a comfortable and home-like setting. 

If you’re reading this page you’ve already taken the first step. Seeking treatment is an extremely difficult step to take. Reach out to us today, and we can help you take the next few steps. 

“I will forever be indebted to the excellent care I received at Sibcy House.  I learned that recovery can happen if you have the right diagnosis and are blessed with the high quality care that Sibcy House provides.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the outstanding doctors and staff who make Sibcy House the excellent center of healing that it is.  I am so blessed to have been through your program. ”

Lindner Center of HOPE former resident

happy-brunette-woman“The Lindner Center of HOPE is a wonderful, extremely helpful facility. I would highly recommend to anyone with mental health needs. I feel that it has helped me very much gain the tools, knowledge and treatment to successfully deal with my illness.”
– Lindner Center of HOPE former resident

brunette-young-woman“I felt important being a patient here. The staff really let me know that they cared about me and cared about what is to become of me. Everyone was very sweet and encouraged participation. I’m glad I was transferred here over other places. It was more helpful than I had expected.”
– Lindner Center of HOPE former resident

orange-t-shirt-man“The staff was phenomenal during my stay. As a team, we were able to find the right combination of medications and counseling to help with both my physical symptoms and becoming more in tune with my emotions. I would strongly recommend the Center to anyone struggling with an addiction (whether it be substance abuse or an Eating Disorder), depression, anxiety or any other mental illness. My time spent here almost didn’t feel like a hospital stay, but rather an open atmosphere to voice my opinions and seek the help that I needed.”

– Lindner Center of HOPE former resident


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