Tuell Selected to Present at National Conferences

Chris J. Tuell, EdD, LPCC-S

Independent Educational Consultants Association

Chris Tuell, EdD, LPCC-S, LICDC, Coordinator of Addiction Services, has been selected to present at the annual IECA Spring Conference held in Boston, May 2-5. Dr. Tuell’s presentation on Internet Addiction titled More than Just Solitaire was selected amongst a group of over 150 proposals from around the country. Dr. Tuell say’s “We would be hard pressed to find any individual in our country not impacted by the Internet in some way; it is a part of our daily lives. Yet, any behavior can become out of control and problematic. Although technology has greatly improved lives, Internet use can become an addiction—a very real compulsive-impulsive use disorder. Dr. Tuell will examine the mental health concerns of the out of control use of the Internet and examine the growing problem of behavioral addictions (i.e., gambling, sex, gaming, social networking, and compulsive shopping).

American Counseling Association National Convention

At the Counseling Association’s 2012 national convention held in San Francisco, March 21-25, Dr. Chris Tuell was chosen to present on Behavioral Addictions: Assessment and Treatment. His 90-minute presentation will cover destructive behavioral addictions which include sex, gambling, shopping, and the Internet. Dr. Tuell will address the clinical assessment process and appropriate treatment strategies. Behavioral addiction is the habitual drive to continue an action even to the detriment of health and happiness. Individuals with behavioral addictions continue to repeat actions that are harmful to their bodies or to the happiness of those around them, often losing relationships, jobs and health in the process.