Pockets of Rest

“Take a rest.  A field that is rested give a beautiful crop”
– Ovid, Roman Poet, circa 20 BC


Pockets of Rest
By Valerie Martin, Spiritual Care Team

It is not news that poor rest and sleep can have a negative effect on health.  But look at this: On the public safety side, besides falling asleep at the wheel of your car, it can cause disasters.  According to the Div. of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School & WGBH Educational Foundation, it was found that sleep deprivation was a significant factor in the 1979 nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, as well as the 1986 nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl.

Then there are the personal nuclear meltdowns that can happen when we are weary.  They may present themselves in various forms: frustration, anger, being short with people, fits of crying, wanting to hit a wall (choose something softer please), withdrawing, even giving up.

We have allowed lack of rest to happen, you know.  We have allowed schedules and other people’s priorities to direct our lives, even if we do not realize it.  We do not question the flow or the huge pressure we feel to “keep up”.  We CAN and SHOULD take more control over our schedules and what we put on them.  Don’t go quitting everything!  Just be the director of your own story.  Take back a measure of control.

We have listed for you a few things that have worked for others.  Find what works for you.  Be intentional about this.  Look for pockets in your day to take a control of your need for rest.  You just might avoid going nuclear!

Finding pockets of rest in 4 main areas of your life

  • The Car
    • Turn off radio in your car
    • Turn off talk-radio in your car
    • Aromatherapy
  • At Work
    • Take your breaks
    • No work talk on your lunch hour
    • Change your position at your desk or get up and work the hall.  It’s recommended you do this every hour
    • If you are overloaded, have an honest conversation with your boss and team & call Spiritual Care Team
  • At Home
    • Stick to a bed time for the kids that is earlier than yours and stop with the to do list a couple of hours before bed.  The dust will be there tomorrow.
    • Dance while making dinner
    • Have a family dinner time ritual
      • “What’s your biggest up/down for the day”
      • Prayer
      • Tell me something funny
  • Don’t turn on your TV as soon as you get home
  • Take a hard look at all the activities your family is involved with
  • In Your Ear
    • The information we expose ourselves to daily impacts our thoughts, our stress levels, our view of life.  Be thoughtful about what these things are.
    • Classical music – especially baroque – has been proven to have calming effect on your heart rate
    • Take news breaks. TMI (Too much information) is everywhere!  It can over load us, make us feel powerless and gives us a skewed view of the world.
    • Take technology fasts – anything with a screen
    • Try silence.  A time to pray, meditate or simply be.