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Knowledgeable Society Can Bring HOPE

September 14, 2011
Written by Paul E. Keck Jr., M.D.,  president and CEO of Lindner Center of HOPE and a professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine * * * Abraham Lincoln, Virginia Woolf, Eugene O’Neill, Leo Tolstoy, Tennessee Williams, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Carrie Fisher, Mike Wallace, Patty Duke, Demi Lovato, […]

Consumer Or Patient?

September 8, 2011
In 1990, informal movements driven by consumers began in an effort to change the perceived problems in mental health services and to promote better communication between the provider and the patient.  A mental health “consumer” is considered a person who is undergoing treatment for a psychiatric disorder.   The term suggests that individuals have a choice […]

Gaining Control of ADHD and Harnessing its Advantages

August 11, 2011
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can carry with it a variety of symptoms including hyperactivity, the inability to stay focused and impulsivity. Depending on the individual, these symptoms can manifest themselves in different ways. ADHD is synonymous with the older term, “ADD,” and is commonly associated with children who have trouble paying attention and controlling […]

Mood Disorders In Children & Adults

July 17, 2011
One in every ten Americans suffers from a mood disorder. While there are many different types, some of the more common mood disorders include major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and dysthymia. Mood disorders can develop at any age, but are most likely to first appear during childhood and become more severe as individuals become adults. […]

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

June 9, 2011
Everyone experiences some level of worry or anxiety from time to time. But when that worry or anxiousness becomes overwhelming or subsists for long periods of time, there may be a deeper issue at hand. In a given year, anxiety disorders affect roughly 18 percent of Americans over the age of 18, according to the […]

Teen Depression: How Caregivers Can Help

June 6, 2011
C. Stephen Edwards, Director, Adolescent Psychiatry, Lindner Center of HOPE Teen depression is a serious problem in the United States.  One in eight teens is likely to experience depression.  Teen depression is much more than just bad moods, growing pains or even feeling down.  Depression will impact every aspect of a teenager’s life.  It can […]

Psychotherapy Can Offer Help and Hope

May 23, 2011
From stress-related issues to a more acute mental illness such as bipolar disorder, psychological problems are wide-ranging in their symptoms and severity levels. When determining which treatment route that an individual struggling with mental health problems should take, the first step should be a psychiatric evaluation conducted by a mental health professional. Once the problem […]

May is Mental Health Month

May 16, 2011
Each year, Lindner Center of HOPE joins together with advocacy groups and providers to help raise awareness about mental health and mental illness.  This annual monthly observance began in 1949 through Mental Health America, formerly Mental Health Association.  This national effort helps to combat bias and stigma associated with mental illness and mental health issues. […]