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Depression: When Feelings go beyond “Normal” Sadness

August 27, 2012
Sadness is a normal emotion that can be caused by negative or painful circumstances. Occasional periods of unhappiness are a part of life, and most people are able to eventually process their feelings of melancholy and forge ahead. But when sadness lingers or becomes a state in which there seems to be no escape, it […]

Addiction Recovery: Admitting That a Problem Exists is the First Step

August 3, 2012
Addictions not only affect the physical, emotional and mental health of the addict, but also create a burden for the people in their lives. Even after emphatically urging them to seek treatment, those close to an addict or severe substance abuser are often helpless as they watch their friend or loved one sink further into […]

Bipolar Disorder: Know the Facts

July 23, 2012
What is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression or manic depressive disorder, is a psychiatric condition in which a person fluctuates between periods of being in a very good mood and periods of being in a very irritable and depressed mood. These “mood swings” between states of extreme activity or high spirits […]

Eating Disorders Treatment: A Variety of Circumstances Can Lead to Binge Eating

July 6, 2012
Eating disorders come in many forms and can affect people regardless of their age, gender or background. Food and eating-related disorders can stem from various causes, including a distorted body image, societal pressures and other existing mental health issues. Although binge eating may not receive the same publicity as eating disorders such as anorexia or […]

TMS Treatment May Benefit Those with Severe Depression

June 25, 2012
During the course of our lives, we are affected by various occurrences and circumstances which cause us to become angry, fearful, bewildered, joyful and sad. It is normal and expected that we will experience each of these emotions from time to time. It is not unusual for us to go through an entire range of […]

Addictions are Often the Next Step beyond Substance Abuse

June 8, 2012
Substance abuse is certainly not restricted to the young. Anyone at any age can develop a repetitive pattern of drug and alcohol use that can damage their physical and mental health, threaten their relationships and diminish their performance at school or on the job. From Use to Abuse to Addiction Why are some people able […]

Eating Disorders are Treatable, But Don’t Wait to Get Help

May 28, 2012
An eating disorder is a mental illness that often includes stark physical manifestations. For instance, those suffering with anorexia tend to become emaciated and bone-thin; whereas bulimics can actually maintain or even gain weight. This is largely due to the binge eating habits of bulimics, which usually involves a massive caloric intake that is then […]

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May 17, 2012
While the month of May can be recognized for spring flowers and showers, it serves another important purpose: May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The month of May was assigned the responsibility of raising awareness of mental health conditions as early as 1949. This year, Mental Health Awareness Month is focusing on two themes, including […]

Lindner Center of HOPE to Offer Adult Partial Hospitalization Program Starting May 7

May 3, 2012
Program will work to keep patients out of the hospital, while providing intensive mental health treatment in a safe setting Beginning May 7, 2012, Lindner Center of HOPE will offer an Adult Partial Hospitalization Program. When an adult’s daily functioning is impaired by mental illness, yet criteria is not met for hospitalization, the Adult Partial […]

Join Us in Planting Seeds for HOPE

May 1, 2012
When individuals and families are faced with mental illness, the suffering and the challenges associated with these illnesses often cause hope to begin to slip away. May is Mental Health Month and Lindner Center of HOPE is kicking off an awareness and fundraising campaign called Planting Seeds for HOPE. The goal is to begin to […]

Treatment for Mental Illness can be Supplemented by Lifestyle Changes

April 25, 2012
The numbers vary according to the source, but they are still staggering. The fact is that millions of Americans struggle with mental illness, addictions and a wide range of other mental health problems. The good news is that many of these afflictions are treatable through psychotherapy and medication. However, successful mental health treatment is dependent […]

Mental Health Treatment Tailored to Fit Individual Needs

April 12, 2012
Millions of Americans suffer with mental illness. These come in various forms; from mood disorders and severe addictions to eating disorders. Unfortunately, there is no definitive cure or “silver bullet” for most of these illnesses. However, mental health professionals now have a better understanding than ever before regarding the treatment of mental disorders. As a […]

Loosening the Destructive Grip of Addictive Disorders

March 20, 2012
Addictions come in many forms. But those suffering with develop an uncontrollable urge to revisit a substance, activity or behavior in order to satisfy a need or desire. An addiction may fill a void in one’s life, or act as a salve for a festering emotional wound. Those at the mercy of their addictive behaviors often […]

Co-Occurring Disorders Complex But Treatable

March 8, 2012
Diagnosing specific mental health problems and disorders is not always easy. The human mind is very complex. Even highly-trained and vastly experienced mental health professionals may occasionally experience some difficulties in pinning down a definitive diagnosis. This is especially true in regard to co-occurring disorders. Also referred to as “dual disorders” or a “dual diagnosis,” […]

Leap for HOPE Raises More Than $70,000 for the Treatment of Mental Illness

March 7, 2012
On February 29, 2012, Leap Day, High Hopes, fundraising auxiliary for Lindner Center of HOPE, premier mental health hospital located in Mason, held its 4th annual fundraiser, Leap for HOPE. The day was filled with silent auctions, boutique shopping, a gourmet lunch, and a message from keynote speaker, Julie Hyman, MD. The event raised more […]

Mood Disorders and Personality Disorders among the Most Common Mental Illnesses

March 6, 2012
 Mental health problems are the leading cause of disability in the U.S., costing our society countless hours of productivity each year. The types of mental illnesses are wide-ranging and are classified according to symptoms and characteristics.  It is not always easy to pinpoint a specific mental disorder. This is in part due to similarities between […]

Depression Affecting a Growing Number of Americans

February 27, 2012
It’s normal to occasionally become melancholy or to feel “down.” But when feelings of sadness or “emptiness” persist, there is a good chance deeper issues exist. Depression in its various forms affects roughly one in 10 Americans, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics. The number of people suffering from this sometimes […]

Chronic Stress Can Take a Toll on One’s Mental Well-Being

February 21, 2012
Stress is a normal reaction to situations and frustrations that we occasionally experience during the course of our lives. Career concerns, deadlines, financial troubles and kid-related issues can all cause us moments of worry and degrees of anxiety. Normal stress can also be beneficial to us in some ways. For instance, it heightens our awareness […]