Mood Disorders In Children & Adults

One in every ten Americans suffers from a mood disorder. While there are many different types, some of the more common mood disorders include major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and dysthymia.

Mood disorders can develop at any age, but are most likely to first appear during childhood and become more severe as individuals become adults. However, doctors are now finding more severe levels of mood disorders in children as young as six years old.

Making a Diagnosis

Diagnosing mood disorders in children can be a challenge; as symptoms such as irritability, periods of sadness and frequent mood swings are not as prominent within younger patients as they are in adults.


When it comes to treatment options, both children and adults seem to react best to a combination of psychotherapy and medication. Psychotherapy is an important component to an individual’s treatment plan and can occur in various forms.

A significant difference between children and adults when it comes to treatment is adults typically start on medications prior to psychotherapy, while children usually begin with therapy.

Finding the Right Treatment Center

One of the premier facilities for diagnosing and treating mood disorders is the Lindner Center of HOPE. Located in the greater Cincinnati area, the Lindner Center has both outpatient and residential facilities. In addition to featuring the latest resources and equipment available for treating mood disorders, the Lindner Center is run by Dr. Paul E. Keck and Dr. Susan L. McElroy, two of the most renowned and respected individuals in the field of psychiatry.

For more information on the Lindner Center of HOPE and its mood disorder treatment programs, call 888-536-HOPE.