Lindner Center of HOPE Nurse Practitioner Releases Book About Anxiety

Dr. Amanda Porter offers Understanding, Coping Skills and Support to Anxiety Sufferers in Dear Anxiety, Let’s Break Up

MASON, Ohio – Lindner Center of HOPE, a leading provider of mental health care, is pleased to announce that Amanda Porter, PhD, APRN, PMHNP-BC, Lindner Center of HOPE Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, has released a book about anxiety.

Anxiety is the most common mental illness diagnosis, and those who suffer from it often feel overwhelmed, out of control, ashamed, lonely, and spiritually defeated. The truth is that anxiety is an emotion that can serve as a life-saving tool, offering instinctual responses to danger.

Dr. Porter, a psychiatric nurse practitioner with triple-board certifications in internal medicine, psychiatry/mental health, and addiction openly shares that she, too, is one of the 40 million adults in the U.S. who struggles with anxiety.

In her new book, Dear Anxiety, Let’s Break Up (BroadStreet® Publishing), Dr. Porter offers education, encouragement, and spiritual counsel to those who battle anxiety. We cannot always control our circumstances or our futures, but Dr. Porter assures readers that feelings of anxiety can be managed through our thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

In Dear Anxiety, Let’s Break Up, Dr. Porter offers scientifically supported coping strategies, spiritual guidance, and refreshing encouragement to help readers discover personal freedom. Topics include:

  • Gratitude: Practicing gratitude will soothe anxiety and redirect our thoughts to positivity and God. We can learn to manage feelings of worry and sadness with reminders of progress and gratefulness.
  • Mindfulness: When we slow down and practice mindfulness, we can focus our attention, intention, and awareness on the task in front of us. Rather than allowing our emotions to rule our lives and overwhelm us, we can choose to be calm and trust God in our circumstances.
  • Presence: When we feel overwhelmed, we may feel the urge to isolate, but that’s when we should seek the presence of trusted loved ones who can offer us comfort or pray with us.
  • Healing: Our focus should be on healing, not finding a cure. We may never fully eradicate the symptoms of anxiety, but through hard work and commitment, we can find healing, peace, and acceptance.

About the Author:

As a mental health expert, an anxiety sufferer, and a pastor’s wife, Amanda Porter has been living at the intersection of mental health and faith for many years. She is a writer, speaker, and psychiatric nurse practitioner with triple-board certifications in internal medicine, psychiatry/mental health, and addiction. Amanda practices at the nationally renowned Lindner Center of HOPE in Mason, Ohio. She volunteers as a clinical preceptor and teaches community classes on mental health, faith, and anxiety. Amanda lives outside Cincinnati with her husband, Joe, two kids, a dog named Marley, and a cat, Izzy. Her website is, and she can be found on social media: @AmandaPorterNP.



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