Lindner Center of HOPE’s Dr. Wassenaar Offers Insight into the Adolescent Brain

Elizabeth Wassenaar, MS, MDDuring a recent episode of One Hour At A Time, Lindner Center of HOPE staff psychiatrist, Elizabeth Wassenaar, MS, MD, offered insight into the adolescent brain. The episode focused on the following:

Adolescence is a time of enormous change and growth. The conversation offered a closer look at the unique developmental tasks of adolescence and an exploration of what is known so far about the way the adolescent brain changes. When all goes well, children leave adolescence as adults. However, when mental illness creates a barrier, development can go off course. The conversation also discussed the ways that teens experience mental illness and substance use disorders that are distinct to this time in one’s life. Finally, the show explored various diagnostic interventions that can help with accurate diagnosis and the appropriate choice of treatment intervention to restore hope.

To listen to the show, click here.