Lindner Center of HOPE Affiliations

The Lindner Family Foundation is an integral part of the establishment of Lindner Center of HOPE. With vision and generous financial support, they worked with the psychiatry faculty from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and other partners to build what will become an internationally renowned provider of mental health services and research.


 The Lindner Family Foundation


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the Lindner Center of HOPE collaborate to enhance mental healthcare for adolescents in the Cincinnati area. Cincinnati Children’s leases a 16-bed inpatient unit at the Lindner Center of HOPE and an adjacent, partial hospitalization program to treat adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17.


Clinica San Jose logo_small Lindner Center of HOPE has a strategic alliance agreement with CLÍNICA SAN JOSÉ CENTRO DE SALUD MENTAL (CHILE). This agreement permits, among others, the creation and development of: (a) a mental health international research network; (b) professional exchange programs, in order to promote the cooperation between both institutions in medical, academic and business matters; and (c) patient programs, that will give patients of both institutions the opportunity to access new and innovative treatment alternatives.



Lindner Center of HOPE is a charter member of the National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC).

The NNDC is comprised of 22 university-based departments of psychiatry and associated multi-disciplinary colleagues to battle depression and bipolar illness in the United States.



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