Research Currently Underway at The Research Institute at Lindner Center of HOPE Could Lead to the Development of the First Diagnostic Test for People Struggling with Depressive Symptoms

The Research Institute at Lindner Center of HOPE is a site for an open label study with the primary goal of validating a signature (model) based on a panel of serum proteomic markers that discriminate Bipolar I, Bipolar II and Major Depression in people seeking treatment for a major depressive episode. The success of this study could lead to the first diagnostic test that would distinguish between the three mood disorders in a person experiencing depressive symptoms.

Lindner Center of HOPE is seeking a total of 90 study participants, between the ages of 18 and 70, with bipolar I depression, bipolar II depression, or major depression, who are currently depressed. Some exclusions apply, so participants should complete a phone screening.

The study duration is 8 weeks and includes 6 visits and 3 blood draws. Subjects will be paid per visit up to a total of $350.

Call 513-536-0707 for more information. All inquiries are kept confidential.