Lindner Center of HOPE’s Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment for Children and Adolescents Now Available Virtually


Lindner Center of HOPE’s Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment for Children and Adolescents Now Available Virtually

Now, perhaps more than ever, families may be concerned about the mental wellbeing of their child or adolescent. In many cases, observing children in their home environments having to manage school stress, face isolation from friends and extended family, being restricted from doing their normal activities; parents/guardians may be increasingly concerned about behaviors, mental health and functioning.

Lindner Center of HOPE offers an affordable and accessible 3.5 day intensive outpatient diagnostic program for young people age 6 to 17 (18 if still in high school), to help families reach a clear and accurate diagnosis that will provide direction for treatment. Due to ongoing COVID-19 safety recommendations, this program is available as a virtual offering for families located or staying in Ohio. (Program providers are licensed in Ohio and can serve families living or staying in Ohio during the assessment. Families residing outside of Ohio can come to the state and still participate in the virtual program.)

The virtual program incorporates everything from the previously operating, face to face program, including a full battery of neurocognitive and psychological testing, psychiatric assessment, family assessment, as well as specialty consults (ie obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, eating disorder, addiction, trauma or behavioral addictions). The assessment also includes genetic testing to assist in medication recommendations and lab work, completed prior to starting assessment. The entire assessment is done through video and online applications.

What’s included in the assessment?
• Comprehensive psychiatric assessment performed by skilled multidisciplinary team
• Pre-admission screening and evaluation of records
• Care coordination, psychosocial assessment and collateral interviews
• Psychiatric consultation
• Psychological evaluation and testing
• Specialty diagnostic and therapeutic consultations, as clinically indicated
• Strengths-based family assessment
• Genetic testing with results review
• Feedback session with diagnostic team
• Written report of results and recommendations
• Aftercare planning
• Follow up call with clinical social worker 6 weeks after feedback session

Our admissions team will work with the family and any existing referral sources to understand the issues and expectations to determine if the outpatient comprehensive diagnostic assessment will meet the needs.

Assessments typically begin on Mondays or Tuesdays and continue during business hours through the work week. Assessments must be planned and scheduled through admissions and the clinical social worker. Existing records should be provided in advance of arrival to prepare the team with history, goals and personalization of the assessment.

Call Admissions today to discuss scheduling an outpatient comprehensive diagnostic assessment for your child or adolescent. 513-536-0537.