Lindner Center of HOPE To Compete In Blood Drive To Earn Dollars To Support Efforts

Lindner Center of HOPE is competing against other charitable non-profit organizations to recruit blood donors for Hoxworth Blood Center through Bleed for a Cause. The top organization who earns the most points in the competition will win $10,000 for their organization. Lindner Center of HOPE would use the dollars support their efforts to provide HOPE to those struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

The competition helps boost blood donations for Hoxworth during a typically strained time in inventory, while giving another local charity the opportunity to win $10,000 to support their own efforts.

Cincinnati uses approximately 80,000 units of blood per year. Giving blood assures that there’s a ready supply of blood in our community hospitals.

The competition runs July 18th through August 13th.

Lindner Center of HOPE has teamed up with the City of Mason and Assurex Health in an effort to recruit the most donors and win the competition. Hoxworth will have a van on site at Mason’s Municipal Building from 11 am – 1pm on Tuesday, August 9th and from 3 pm – 5 pm at Lindner Center of HOPE’s front parking lot.

Please click here to register for a spot on August 9th. If interested donors cannot make this date, they may donate at any neighborhood location. All donors should tell the Hoxworth representative that they’re donating blood on behalf of LINDNER CENTER OF HOPE. “No Say, No Pay” – Type Code A740 on your Hoxworth donor form.

Contact Amie Kocher at 536-0328 with questions.

Remember to indicate Lindner Center of HOPE as your charity of choice at your appointment – Code A740!