Lindner Center of HOPE is United Against Opiate Abuse and Heroin


United Against Opiate Abuse and Heroin


Whereas at least two people die from a prescription pain killer or heroin overdose every day in the twenty counties that surround Cincinnati;

Whereas our rates of new hepatitis C infections are higher than the national average;

Whereas our law enforcement are seeing higher rates of crime related to heroin;

Whereas the number of children born needing to withdraw from opiates or heroin continues to rise in our local hospitals;

Whereas community members have come together to address this epidemic across the region;

Now be it proclaimed that the week of February 23- March 1, 2015 be the United Against Opiate Abuse and Heroin Week. All over the region we will use this week to develop solutions to this problem and understand the role that each of us can play in eliminating opiate abuse and heroin from our communities.