Types of Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment programs for individuals can vary greatly depending upon the patient’s preferences and needs. They can range from an apartment-like setting to a group home. These facilities can exist in rural areas or nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of an urban sprawl. These programs can range in their involvement of community to meet each patient’s needs.

Lindner Center of HOPE provides several options to meet our patients needs. Mental illness and addiction disorders present in each individual in a completely unique way. We are here to help you find the program that best fits your needs or the needs of your loved one.

Clinical and Medical Residential Treatment Programs

These facilities provide strong community and evidence-based treatment plans to help individuals with mental health disorders or addiction disorders. These programs provide a comfortable and home-like environment so that patients can heal and work on life skills needed in their everyday life. These programs can utilize a combination of group therapy and psychotherapy so patients can have multiple levels of support.

Group Living Treatment Programs

A group home provides a family like environment for patients to transition back into everyday life. These group settings allow patients to work on social and interpersonal skills. In a group living treatment program patients develop their self-esteem, build relationships, and learn how to manage their symptoms.

Work-Based Residential Treatment Programs

These residential treatment programs provide the structure of work to help patients learn how to manage their symptoms while also building practical skills. Work-based residential treatment programs also allow patients to work on their team-building skills.

Apartment-Based Residential Treatment Programs

These treatment programs allow patients to live together or separately in apartment-like settings while participating in their psychiatric treatment and maintaining interpersonal relationships. This living arrangement allows clinicians to visit patients to better understand their needs.

Lindner Center of HOPE

Lindner Center of Hope offers several residential treatment program options. These different programs are meant to meet patients where they are at and provide them with the best treatment possible.

  • Sibcy House Adult Residential Treatment Programs for Mental Health and Addiction: The Sibcy House offers a 28-day diagnostic and residential treatment program for adults. During the first ten days of treatment a patient undergoes a diagnostic assessment to better tailor their treatment plan. The Sibcy House is a great option for patients experiencing their first mental health crisis, managing an existing crisis, or are at an impasse with their current treatment plan.
  • Williams House: Adult Stabilizing Evaluation and Residential Treatment Programs: The Williams House provides a stabilizing and detox environment for patients who are experiencing a psychotic episode or significant relapse. The Williams House can be a great option for patients between inpatient care and the next step.
  • 10-Day Residential Detox Program and Evaluation–Substance Use Disorder Treatment: This program allows patients to detox in a safe environment when they are suffering from a primary substance use disorder. This program allows a patient a safe and substantial base to build the rest of their treatment plan off of.

Next Steps

Taking the steps necessary for you or your loved one’s mental health is an extremely brave step to make, but it can also be a scary one. We are available to answer any questions you may still have. Choosing the right type of residential treatment program is an important step on the journey of recovery, we are here to take that step with you.