Treatment for Mental Illness can be Supplemented by Lifestyle Changes

The numbers vary according to the source, but they are still staggering.

The fact is that millions of Americans struggle with mental illness, addictions and a wide range of other mental health problems.

The good news is that many of these afflictions are treatable through psychotherapy and medication. However, successful mental health treatment is dependent upon a number of factors, not the least of which is often a decision on the part of the individual to do whatever it takes to get better.

Severe addictions and mental disorders at times require intervention to ensure an individual receives treatment. However, many others who suffer with mental health issues eventually find themselves at a crossroads. Eventually, they reach a point where they realize they have extreme difficulty in improving the quality of their lives unless they get help.

Not an Easy Road

Depending on the type and severity of a mental health condition, treatment can sometimes be a lengthy and somewhat arduous process. But for multitudes of people who have moved forward to live good and productive lives, strictly adhering to a treatment plan has been well worth the effort.

Whether undergoing depression treatment, OCD treatment or PTSD treatment, most treatment methods call for the patient to change certain behavior patterns and overcome thoughts and feelings they have become accustomed to over time. This can be difficult and even painstaking. But many come through these therapies and treatments with a much different outlook and often times a new lease on life.

An Ongoing Process

For most people with mental health conditions, treatment is an ongoing proposition. Even after successful therapeutic endeavors and finding the right medications, a patient can maintain and even improve their newfound wellness by creating a balance in their lives and developing healthier habits.

These may include:

●Changing to a more nutritious diet

● Exercising regularly

● Finding fun and creative ways to reduce stress

● Joining a support group


Fortifying the progress of a proven mental health treatment plan with positive lifestyle changes can help a patient create a healthy consistency in both their body and mind.