Start Anew in 2015!

By: Lynn Gordon, ThD, Spiritual Care Coordinator Lindner Center of HOPE

There was a popular television series in the 1970’s called, “Kung Fu.” I recall an episode when Kwai Chang Caine, the main character played by David Carradine was revisiting a disappointing and sad moment in his youth. In providing support to Caine, Master Po told him, “Ah, grasshopper, you must realize that at every ending lies a new beginning.” I’ve never forgotten that quote and have reminded myself of its truth throughout my life.

2014 is now history and we are now launched into 2015! Many, if not all of us have experienced disappointing and sad moments this past year. Difficulty is no respecter of persons. Consider what the late inventor, Thomas Edison so profoundly stated as he watched his life’s work go up in flames, as he witnessed his house and laboratory being destroyed by a fire in 1917, “All my mistakes are now up in flames, but with God’s help, we can start anew.” After experiencing such a tragic loss at the age of 67, Mr. Edison could have easily quit and retired but, he chose to put his words into action – and started anew! Then, just three weeks after the fire, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph.

When it comes to certain disappointments and setbacks experienced in 2014, one must realize that most things cannot be changed. However, the good news is that one can choose to take action in 2015 – and start anew! The following are some suggestions on How to Delve in 2015 to make it a more positive year:

1. Choose to forgive – Forgiveness is a choice. Forgiveness is not forgetting the hurt or pain caused by someone else – sometimes this is impossible. Rather, it’s remembering that the offense has been forgiven. This allows the offended to take his/her power back that someone has taken from them. Forgiveness can unlock the chains that hold us hostage in life, even when the offense took place years before.

2. Increase my laughter – There is a proverb that says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” Life can be overwhelming with all its serious issues and events. Consider including humor in your daily activities. Jump start your day by reading a humorous joke, watch a good comedy show or movie on television, and allow laughter to brighten your day and lighten the load of the cares of the world. Laughter can also be contagious and can benefit others around you.

3. Say, “Thank you”, “I’m sorry”, and “I need your help”. These important phrases will strengthen one’s attitude of gratitude, ensure harmony in relationships, and is always a good reminder that there is support out there when needed.