Transforming HOPE for the Future

Your gift helps us expand our facilities, increase the number of patients we serve, and lessen the suffering of people with mental illness.

Hope is growing.

Together we can change what’s possible.


Mental illness is our country’s number one health problem.

The demand for mental health services is greater and more urgent than ever before and is projected to continue to expand for the next decade.

It is imperative to invest in mental health for our families, our friends, ourselves. It will take all of our efforts to transform the mental health landscape. Greater investment is needed to continue our journey.

The need of the community is so significant that, to continue to provide the best possible care, we need to go to the next level and to act now.

The Transforming HOPE campaign: $30 million

By giving, you are helping us expand our facilities, increase the number of patients we serve, and lessen the suffering of people with mental illness.

Please join us in transforming lives. Supporting these projects will keep essential mental health services in the Cincinnati area, serving not just this community, but patients and families from the region, country, and world.

Your gift speaks volumes.

Mary Alexander, Senior Director Development

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“Empathy and excellence are the foundations of everything we do at the Lindner Center of HOPE. Empathy is meeting the patient and family wherever they are in their treatment journey. Excellence provides confidence in the results of our assessment and in partnering with the patient on their path forward in treatment” – Paul R. Crosby, MD, MBA, President and CEO, Lindner Center of HOPE

Your support will bring world-class mental health care to more people.

Caring Specialist

Wellness Facilities

Evidence supports an integrative approach to mental health that incorporates wellness-related activities and programs such as exercise and fitness, healthy eating, and other services aimed at rejuvenating the body as well as the mind.

These amenities will elevate Lindner Center of HOPE’s world-class patient experience and outcomes.

Additional Treatment Spaces

Newly constructed treatment spaces will provide:

  • Expansion of Sibcy House, including additional patient rooms, group spaces, and common areas
  • New treatment units
  • Expansion of Farmer Family Foundation Neuromodulation Center, including innovative Esketamine Clinic

Recruiting and Retaining the Best Clinicians

Endowment funding will ensure we retain and continue to recruit expert psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, advance practice nurses, and researchers. Expert and compassionate medical staff is the fundamental ingredient for clinical excellence and outstanding patient outcomes.

Together, we can ensure people have access to life-changing mental health care now and well into the future.

Addiction Story

Stories of HOPE

Neil and Betsy’s Story of HOPE

Adam was distant, sad, and angry going into his teenage years. He was no longer the cheerful, adoring little boy his parents had known; he was someone they didn’t recognize anymore — and they didn’t know what to do.

He began getting into trouble and using alcohol and drugs to cope with his life. After he trashed their house and was arrested for assaulting a police officer while high on heroin and spent the

night in jail, Adam’s parents sought help at Lindner Center of HOPE, where he stayed for 28 days in Sibcy House. Adam was suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, and bipolar disorder,

and the Center turned out to be his lifeline. Adam has now graduated from college, and life is looking a whole lot brighter.

“Betsy and I agree wholeheartedly that without Lindner Center of HOPE it is doubtful that Adam would be alive today and certainly not the productive young man he is now.” – Neil, Adam’s Father

A Story of Hope from Lindner Center of HOPE on Vimeo