When individuals and families are faced with mental illness, the suffering and the challenges associated with these illnesses often cause hope to begin to slip away. May is Mental Health Month and Lindner Center of HOPE is kicking off an awareness and fundraising campaign called Planting Seeds for HOPE. The goal is to begin to develop roots for HOPE as the seeds we plant in awareness, understanding and support can grow and bloom HOPE for those in need.

There are many facts about mental illness that are misunderstood by or misrepresented to the general public. To make real progress toward ending stigma, increasing understanding and bringing clarity to mental illness, we need to better understand the reality of the illness at all levels.

This May, Lindner Center of HOPE is helping the public understand the truth about mental health. Every day, throughout Mental Health Month, Lindner Center of HOPE will share Seeds of Truth about mental illness. You can find the seeds on our home page by visiting our website daily or you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or our blog at www.lindnercenterofhope.info for the 31 days of May.

In addition to enhancing your own awareness by following the Seeds of Truth, please also consider Planting your own Seeds for HOPE through a gift to Lindner Center of HOPE. You can give online at https://lindnercenterofhope.org/donate/, call or email Mary Alexander at 513-536-0317 or [email protected], or mail a donation to Lindner Center of HOPE, Development Office, 4075 Old Western Row Road, Mason, OH 45040.

Let’s sow some seeds together for the future and for HOPE.