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“We made a lot of mistakes during this time of trouble, all of them classic and well known. We got bad advice, we got good advice, but the best advice was “get him to the Lindner Center.” When Adam’s problems became apparent and the justice system got involved they treated his issues as a “crime.” Addiction is a brain disease no different than cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. You don’t put sick people in jail, you treat their illness. Crime is a manifestation of the disease and caused by the hold addiction has on an individual.”

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Going from a person plagued by so much suffering to the consistently happy, grateful, goal-oriented, independent young woman our daughter is today is nothing but a miracle. Those who were closest to her in her last downward spiral before
“The first thing I noticed in the call here was how kind and patient people were on the phone. I was so depressed I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t drink, I couldn’t sleep, I could barely walk. I was totally
For the last 14 years, I have had recurring episodes of severe, totally disabling clinical depression, each lasting between 4 and 14 months. In recent years, the episodes were getting longer and closer together.
Jon Zipperstein, co-owner of Embers Restaurant, has used his culinary talents over the years to not only entertain celebrities and Cincinnati diners but also to support events that impact the well being of our community.