2 out of 5 severe psychiatric disorders are misdiagnosed

Let’s rewrite the story together.


For those seeking more structured,
intensive mental health care.

It can be hard to find the best treatment for you or your loved one. When acute inpatient care, office visits and medication don’t seem to work, we’re here for you. As you look into options, the structure and extra support in a residential treatment program may be the right choice. Unlike other mental health facitilies, the residential program at the Lindner Center of HOPE offers a dedicated, full-time staff and focused, home-like environment for a more intensive approach to stabilization, diagnosis and treatment.



While many individuals can benefit from a residential treatment center, our programs are best fit for those who:

  • Have complex diagnostic or treatment issues;
  • Have persistent addiction or mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and OCD;
  • Need a more structured environment or do not have a natural environment ideal for supporting their treatment;
  • Have not responded sufficiently to previous treatments;
  • May need a greater degree of watchful oversight to address potential suicidal risk, “acting out” behaviors, etc.

Need help understanding which treatment is right for you?

There are many treatment choices out there. Our team is here to help you discover the right one. Whether you’re ready to try residential treatment, or need guidance on which treatment is best, we’re here to listen to your story.

“The moment I walked in the door, I could just tell it was different. They were asking all the right questions. Doing the right things. Setting me up to be successful.

– Trevor Steinhauser, Former Sibcy House Patient



A focused, holistic approach for your complex needs.

  • MIND
  • BODY

Our world-renowned multi-disciplinary clinical team uses state-of-the-science technology, evidence-based treatment modalities, and clinical expertise to diagnose patients accurately, create individualized treatment plans, and provide intensive short-term treatment. Our programs are designed to improve overall treatment trajectory and ready the individual for success at the next identified level of care.

Residential care at Lindner Center of HOPE allows individuals with ongoing symptoms to receive an elevated level of holistic psychiatric care. Patients benefit from both a more intensive treatment environment and a respite from triggering situations. With over 36 wooded acres of walking paths, comfortable home-like lodging, and a dedicated nutritionist, individuals get the nourishment and rest they need to heal.

Spiritual Care is an important part of caring for the whole person. At Lindner Center of HOPE, our staff includes trained interfaith chaplains and volunteers. Our mission is to assure that patients’ and families’ religious, spiritual, and cultural beliefs and practices are respected. We strive to assist patients who value spirituality and faith in using these as part of their recovery. Spaces uniquely designed for individual meditation and gathering are all part of the holistic care plan.


Expertise. Empathy. Experience.

Lindner Center of HOPE is locally and internationally recognized for progressive programs and exceptional skills, our clinicians and support staff look forward to assisting you in your journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.


“I’ve done this for 25 yrs. now. There’s not been any other place I’ve worked that’s been nearly as impressive and it’s not just in regard to expertise, it’s also with their commitment and passion for the patients and communities that we serve.


An Atmosphere of Respite and Excellence

Our private campus welcomes you with tree-lined paths, winding walkways, lush courtyards, and plenty of wide open green space. Inside our lodge-like main building, you’ll find warm, comfortable accommodations, a full-size gym with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, and cozy private areas for reflection and conversation.

The setting is peaceful and secluded yet easily accessible from Interstates 75 and 71, located 22 miles northeast of Cincinnati in Ohio.

There is hope. Let us help you find your unique path forward.

There is HOPE.

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