Recognized Excellence

We are proud to say that we stand shoulder to shoulder with the most well-known academic and treatment facilities in the nation and our leadership is globally renowned for their work in the field of psychiatry.

Lindner Center of HOPE is a charter member of an elite group of hospitals and universities in the National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC). The Center joins Columbia, Duke, Harvard and Johns Hopkins, among others, dedicated to the transformation and acceleration of the understanding and treatment of depressive and bipolar disorders by developing an integrated network of leading Depression Centers. The multidisciplinary outreach programs of the NNDC will help to better diagnose and treat depression and bipolar illness and associated disorders (e.g., PTSD), as well as eradicate stigma associated with these diseases. Lindner Center of HOPE is one of 22 members of the NNDC and was invited to join within three months of opening.

Patients benefit from in-depth clinical attention from physicians and doctorate level professionals in an environment that offers the utmost discretion and confidence – creating a unique and effective therapeutic experience.

Paul E. Keck, Jr., MD, Psychiatrist in Chief and Founding President and CEO – Emeritus Lindner Center of HOPE, and Susan L. McElroy, MD, Chief Research Officer, are among the top 10 most cited scientists publishing in psychiatry and psychology every year since 1996.


Comprehensive Assessment and Intensive Treatment Backed by Solid Outcomes

Lindner Center of HOPE, near Cincinnati, Ohio, has built a reputation of success on its comprehensive diagnostic assessment and short-term intensive treatment program for adults called Sibcy House and  Williams House. These programs have produced clinically significant outcomes and exceptional patient satisfaction scores. Experienced clinicians, advanced diagnostics and treatment, and an exceptional therapeutic environment, make this success possible.

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