Michael Groat, PhD

Chief Clinical Officer
Lindner Center of HOPE

Michael Groat, PhD, serves as Chief Clinical Officer at Lindner Center of HOPE. He is responsible for the therapeutic program development of inpatient and residential services at Lindner Center of HOPE and has supervisory authority over the clinical activity and continuum of care in residential services. He is also responsible for the development, measurement, analysis, and communication of outcomes that inform the culture of empathy, excellence, and continuous improvement at the Center.

Dr. Groat provides oversight and leadership to doctoral-level psychologists and the Director of Residential Services. He is also responsible for providing clinical leadership, fostering superior quality patient care, standardizing clinical protocols, developing clinical strategic goals, implementing outcomes assessment, program expansion, and contributing to the recruitment and retention of clinical staff.

Additionally, Dr. Groat also provides direct patient care and engages in strategic marketing activities across the United States.

Dr. Groat has a 16-year career of leadership in nationally renowned hospital, residential, and outpatient treatment programs that provide evidence-based mental health and addiction services for children and adults, including Silver Hill Hospital, Cooper Riis, and the Menninger Clinic. He completed a four-year postdoctoral fellowship in the treatment of treatment refractory personality disorders and other mental disorders at the Austen Riggs Center.


  • A., History, summa cum laude, Gordon College
  • Sc., College Student Personnel Services, Miami University
  • D., Counseling Psychology, University at Albany, State University of NY
  • Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Executive Management, Rice University


  • Internship, Albany Psychology Internship Consortium, Albany Medical College
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Psychotherapy, Assessment, Systems Consultation, Austen Riggs Center
  • Mentalizing-Based Therapy: The Menninger Clinic

Honors and Awards:

  • Research Fellow, Anna Freud Centre/Yale Child Study Center
  • Fellow, American Psychoanalytic Association
  • Pillar Award, The Menninger Clinic