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Date(s) - November 2, 2019
9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Living Healthier in 2020: Trading Toxic Stress for Well-Being

November 2nd   NKU, 9:30 am-12:30 pm, Adult Track

Co-Sponsored by St. Elizabeth and NKU

Time Title Objectives Speaker/Orchestrator Tasks
9:30-10:00 Registration and Navigation to Locations ·       Get participants to the right location One registration area where escorts will lead participants to correct areas

Send Buzz (save the date)

Create Registration Page

Identify Students as escorts

Create Swag Bags and distribute

10:00-10:10 Welcome and Purpose of the Day ·       Introduce the purpose of the day:  Learning to Live Healthier in 2020 by Identifying and Effectively Responding to Stress Confirm Speaker
10:10-10:50 Stressors in Daily Living for people of all ages

·       Describe stress, toxic stress and its relationship to physical, mental and spiritual health

·       Describe the implications of unresolved stress on the developing brain, behavioral decision making (coping),

Dr. Robert Shapiro Confirmed
10:50-11:10 Break

To provide additional resources to parents on the following questions:

·       What is normal childhood development?

·       What is normal adolescent development?

·       How to handle behavioral tantrums in children or outbursts in adolescence?

·       What is mental health, how to recognize illness, and where to turn to for help?

·       Etc.


Lisa Anglin

Food snacks in room

Stress reduction table to pick up stress reduction balls, vendor tables/exhibits

11:10-11:50 Stress Within Special Populations

·       Describe the digital age as a constant stressor for all age groups

·       Veterans – dealing with trauma

·       LBGQT – particularly among adolescents

·       Children in Toxic Environments – abuse and neglect

·       Unhealthy Coping – substance use, self-harm and suicide, eating disorders

Dr. Chris Tuell Confirmed
11:50-12:30 Dealing with Stress

·       Identifying toxic stress and how to respond – prevent, minimize, buffer

·       Where to turn for help if it is needed

·       Providers becoming trauma-responsive

·       Parents as models for positive coping

·       Removing the stigma – changing the language – healthy brains

Melissa Adamchik
12:30-1:00 Winners of Contests View exhibited art; recognize winners; provide time for visiting exhibit tables for additional resources Collaborate with NKU Fine Arts; Music Mindfulness, and other NKU and possibly Artswave