Residential Treatment for Adults with Anxiety

Having an Anxiety Disorder can be an extremely isolating experience. And yet Generalized Anxiety Disorder affects 6.8 million adults in the U.S. But only 43.2% of those with anxiety are seeking treatment. There are many reasons why someone may neglect to seek treatment for their anxiety disorder. Social stigma, financial constraints, and shame are all factors preventing those who need it from seeking treatment.

But help is available. If you or a loved one are seeking treatment, or if your current treatment plan is not working, you may want to consider residential treatment. Lindner Center of HOPE provides residential treatment for a variety of different mental health and addiction disorders, including anxiety disorders. We provide a home-like environment free of distractions where patients can focus on their treatment and recovery.

What is Residential Treatment?

Anxiety disorders can affect every part of your life. From personal to professional, anxiety can have a negative impact on every facet of your life. Residential treatment provides patients with a distraction free environment to focus solely on their recovery.

At Lindner Center of HOPE we offer comprehensive care for anxiety disorders. Our doctors build treatment plans with patients combining psychotherapy, education, and medication when necessary.

What is an Anxiety Disorder?

There are several forms of anxiety disorders. This includes generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorders, and phobias. Anxiety disorder also often coincides with depression. Since the SARS-COVID 19 pandemic anxiety and depression rates have increased as much as 25%.

Let’s break down a few different anxiety disorders.

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Generalized Anxiety Disorder is categorized by having persistent feelings of anxiety or dread that interfere with everyday life. This can manifest in having difficulty concentrating, being irritable, or even physical symptoms like headaches, stomach aches, and unexplained body aches.
  • Panic Disorders: Panic disorders are categorized by frequent and unexplained panic attacks. A panic attack can include a racing heart, sweating, trembling, feeling of doom, and chest pain. Panic disorders interfere with daily life by making those who suffer from them avoid certain places and situations to avoid having a panic attack.
  • Phobia-Related Disorders: A phobia is an intense fear or aversion to specific things and situations. This can include phobias of specific actions like driving, flying, or being in certain places. It can also be translated into social anxiety, separation anxiety, or agoraphobia.

This is not an exhaustive list, and anxiety disorders can present themselves in many different ways. Speaking with your doctor or healthcare provider about your symptoms is the first step in working towards a treatment plan.

When is Seeking Residential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders the Best Choice?

The best treatment plan is whatever treatment plan that you build with your doctor or healthcare provider, and residential treatment could be one of those options.

Residential Treatment might be a good choice for you if:

  • Your current treatment plan is no longer working for you and you’d like to explore this option.
  • You need to separate yourself from the stresses of everyday life to properly focus on your treatment plan.

Your doctor or medical provider will be able to give you referrals or more information on residential treatment.

Still Have Questions?

If you or your loved one is in crisis, call 911 right away.

If you or your loved one is considering residential treatment for their anxiety disorder help is available. Lindner Center of HOPE offers comprehensive care with evidence based treatment in a home like setting. If you still have questions we are here to help you with all your needs. Take charge of your mental health today.

About Lindner Center of HOPE

At Lindner Center of HOPE we focus on evidence based treatment and offer exceptional personal care. Our residence based treatment at Lindner Center of HOPE offers individuals a comfortable and home-like setting to confront their bipolar disorder and work towards an appropriate treatment plan. 

Seeking out information about residential treatment is the first step. If you’re on this page you’ve taken that step, let us help you take the next one. 

“I will forever be indebted to the excellent care I received at Sibcy House.  I learned that recovery can happen if you have the right diagnosis and are blessed with the high quality care that Sibcy House provides.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the outstanding doctors and staff who make Sibcy House the excellent center of healing that it is.  I am so blessed to have been through your program. ”

Lindner Center of HOPE former resident

happy-brunette-woman“The Lindner Center of HOPE is a wonderful, extremely helpful facility. I would highly recommend to anyone with mental health needs. I feel that it has helped me very much gain the tools, knowledge and treatment to successfully deal with my illness.”
– Lindner Center of HOPE former resident

brunette-young-woman“I felt important being a patient here. The staff really let me know that they cared about me and cared about what is to become of me. Everyone was very sweet and encouraged participation. I’m glad I was transferred here over other places. It was more helpful than I had expected.”
– Lindner Center of HOPE former resident

orange-t-shirt-man“The staff was phenomenal during my stay. As a team, we were able to find the right combination of medications and counseling to help with both my physical symptoms and becoming more in tune with my emotions. I would strongly recommend the Center to anyone struggling with an addiction (whether it be substance abuse or an Eating Disorder), depression, anxiety or any other mental illness. My time spent here almost didn’t feel like a hospital stay, but rather an open atmosphere to voice my opinions and seek the help that I needed.”

– Lindner Center of HOPE former resident


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