Comparing treatment types

The best care for you or your loved one is determined not only by the kind of condition you may have but also by various other factors such as severity of symptoms, current living environment, and how well treatments have worked in the past. There are three main types of treatment that we recommend to individuals.

Outpatient Care Acute Inpatient Care Residential Care
What is it? Ongoing mental health assessment, evaluation, treatment and care of an established condition or manageable symptoms. Assessment and treatment focused on quickly resolving serious or life-threatening symptoms. Assessment, evaluation, and care of complex conditions in a restorative, home-like environment.
Who is it for? For those who are relatively stable and able to live at home while receiving care For those who are experencing severely disabling symptoms or is at risk of harm to self and others. For those struggling with persistent mental health and addiction issues or live in an environment that is not ideal for their supporting treatment.
How long will treatment last? Varies on an appointment by appointment basis but does not require an overnight stay. Overnight stay from 1 day or more – dependent on improvement of symptoms. Overnight stay of 10 days or more – typically following a program or personalized plan.
Will I need to spend the night? No Yes Yes
When is this type of care needed? When the individual has
• Symptoms that can be managed between visits.
• A living situation that allows them to adhere to recommended treatment plan.
When the individual is unable to
• Complete daily activities or struggling to function at work
• Meet basic physical needs such as eating or sleeping
• Benefit from other types of treatment.
When the individual has
• Complex or long-term diagnostic or treatment issues.
• A need for a more structured environment for supporting treatment.
• Potentially been improperly diagnosed
• Not responded sufficiently to previous treatments