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Sarah Katherine Bechtold

Sarah Bechtold

Sarah Katherine Bechtold was a gorgeous and wonderful young woman. She was vibrant and had so many gifts to share. She also had the remarkable ability to hide her sadness. Sarah struggled with depression and a feeling of hopelessness that surfaced in suicidal thoughts. It took seven years before she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Kathy Bechtold, Sarah’s mother, said, “She wanted to be helped but it just got too hard for her, despite the efforts of her wonderful therapists.”

In September 2005, Sarah committed suicide. She was 21 years old.

Mrs. Bechtold said the week before Sarah died she had heard about the proposed Lindner Center of HOPE. “When Sarah died, we knew we wanted the memorials to go to the Center and contribute to helping others.”

Mrs. Bechtold volunteers on the Center’s auxiliary, High Hopes, and has also been instrumental in helping the Center launch an Adolescent Depression Awareness Program (ADAP) (link to ADAP info) created at Johns Hopkins in the Cincinnati area.

“It’s given us a focus,” Mrs. Bechtold said. “I truly want to help people find the right place for them. By supporting the Center I am supporting the treatment, research and education that will make a difference for families that are going through what we went through. I wish the Center would have been here for Sarah.”

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