Stories of HOPE

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A prisoner of my mind
Detained by my own fears
The tears have made me blind
And the voices deafen my ears
I cannot feel the sun, for the hole that I am in
This hole has grown so deep, a shovel full for every sin.

I’ve been down here for years,
Have come to feel safe in this place.
There’s no one to come in here,
So there is no shame to face.
Just like anything else, there’s a price to pay
Small parts of who you are, disappear along the way.

I’ve been in here so long
I don’t know who I am.
Done so many people wrong
Now no one gives a damn.
I believe if I were to die tomorrow
I don’t think many would feel much sorrow.

I feel the warmth from their hands
They pulled me from my hole
And filled it in with sand
Dusted me off and made me whole
They headed me in the right direction, taught me what is true.
The power of a good heart, mind, and spirit is deep within each of you.

The world is what you make of it.
This part I now know is true.
The sun upon my face, I feel it.
I see now a gorgeous sky of blue.
My love for life returned, I feel so I can cope.
Thanks to all my friends at the Lindner Center of HOPE!

Thanks Always.

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