Genetic Testing

As leaders in diagnosis and treatment planning, Lindner Center of HOPE clinicians are able to prescribe genetic testing for consenting patients, with the potential to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of medications on an individual. To learn more about genetic testing, view a brief video (click here) or visit

How does GeneSightRx work?

It is very easy to order the test and the results are returned very quickly:

  • Physician diagnoses the psychiatric condition and orders GeneSightRx.
  • The patient’s sample is collected (a simple cheek swab is taken) and shipped overnight to a CLIA-approved and CAP-accredited lab.
  • Genetic Testing is performed and results are delivered via simple, straight forward report for the physician.
  • Physician accesses results through secure online link.

The patient’s information is completely protected by Federal and State privacy laws as well as by policies and procedures in place at the Lindner Center of HOPE.

What kind of sample is collected?

GeneSightRx® can analyze DNA, the substance which makes up genes, from a simple cheek swab.

How does a patient determine if GeneSightRx is right for them?

A patient must be under the care of a psychiatrist at the Lindner Center of HOPE prior to having the test ordered. Additionally, a full discussion about the value of the test as well as the associated costs will occur with the patient and/or family before the test is ordered for the patient.

How does the test help the doctor?

The test can help doctors prescribe the most suitable therapies for patients by accounting for individual genetic differences.

It may reveal if there are potential drug-to-drug interactions or possible drug side-effects based upon your genes.

This aids in the understanding of how and why some medicines may react differently in some patients than they do in the average population.

How much does GeneSightRx cost?

The initial consultation with the psychiatrist to determine if GeneSightRxTM is appropriate will be billed to insurance or can be paid by the patient separately from the test costs.

Currently, Lindner Center of HOPE patients are billed for the test by AssureRx. The AssureRx Health Billing Department will file insurance claims on the patient’s behalf. Please navigate to for more further details.

How soon does my doctor get the results?

The testing is conducted in the CLIA-approved laboratory of AssureRx, which is based here in Mason. Once your sample is received at AssureRx, the report should be available to your physician by the end of the following business day.