Lindner Center of HOPE

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Drug Addiction

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New Program Offers Intensive Assistance to Families with an Adolescent Struggling with Eating Disorders
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Lindner Center of HOPE Sponsors CincyStorytellers: Addiction and recovery
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Lindner Center for HOPE Named A Sponsor of National Depression Screening Day, October 6
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Williams House


The Adolescent Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Program, named Williams House, offers a specialized and intimate treatment setting within the Lindner Center of HOPE, focusing on intensive assessment and treatment readiness for patients, age 11 through 17, suffering with complex, co-morbid mental health issues. The Williams House structure allows young patients to unpack what’s not working out in their lives in a safe and secure setting.

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Sibcy House


Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Readiness for Adults

An accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of successful treatment. Often, patients arrive at Sibcy House with multiple diagnoses and a history of treatment attempts. Throughout Sibcy House’s Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment, our treatment team uses proven methodologies to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis on which the patient’s individualized treatment plan is based. 

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