Rapid Access Service

A barrier to the delivery of quality mental health care services is the lack of rapid access to service. Wait list times to
see an outpatient psychiatrist for an initial session can exceed 12 weeks or more, leaving patients and families in need
of treatment in urgent situations with few alternatives for care.

Lindner Center of HOPE Professional Associates Rapid Access Services (RAS) is an outpatient service for patients 18
and older, open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. This service enables patients in need to have a scheduled appointment, within days of the call. The appointment includes a thorough outpatient assessment with a psychiatrist and social worker, a care plan, recommendations with referrals and a written after-visit summary. In addition, when needed subsequent bridge appointments may be scheduled with the psychiatrist. RAS enables patients to quickly get outpatient help with symptoms and concerns.

Call 513-536-0639 for an appointment.

Acute Inpatient Care Available

For patients needing the highest level of care and crisis intervention delivered with compassion and respect, Lindner Center of HOPE has private rooms available for acute hospital stays. Patients may require inpatient care if symptoms are severely disabling or there is risk of harm to self or others.

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Initial Appointment, scheduled for 2.5 hours                                                           Bridge Appointments

•45 to 60 minute visit with social worker •Provides continuity of care
•30-minute screening completion •Scheduled with psychiatrist
•45 to 60 minute meeting with psychiatrist •Up to three may be scheduled

•Presentation of plan of care with recommendations

•After-visit summary

•Not restricted to RAS time, but rather
mutually agreeable time for psychiatrist
and patient
Fee: $565 including deposit (A $100 non-refundable deposit is
required at the time the appointment is scheduled..)
Fee: $290 per appointment

RAS is a private-pay service and does not accept insurance.
Call 513-536-0639 for an appointment.

A Rapid Access Service Testimonial  

My Background

I have a history of mental health issues on both sides of my family and had 2 episodes of clinical depression in my twenties.
However, with the right medication and therapy I was able to thrive for 20 years.

June 2019

After my psychiatrist retired, my primary care physician began managing my meds in 2015 and this worked well until this summer. My medication was changed in June and this decision was disastrous. I began having unexplained joint pain which my doctor thought was MS. I had a number of tests but while going without an official diagnosis for 60 days, the anxiety disrupted my sleep and by October I was very sick. I lost a considerable amount of weight, had severe anxiety, could not sleep or work and my blood pressure was very, very high. I finally had an MRI which showed that I had compressed discs in my neck causing the pain. However, no one was addressing my meds and the fact that I wasn’t sleeping. Because I didn’t have a psychiatrist, I wasn’t able to get an appointment as a new patient with any doctor for 6-8 weeks. I knew I wouldn’t make it that long if someone didn’t help me. At my lowest point, I contacted the Lindner Center of HOPE (LCOH) and considered the inpatient program even though that wasn’t what I needed. Your admittance nurse told me about your Rapid Access program.

That’s when we met Dr. Rodriguez and everything changed for the better. He was so kind and compassionate and listened intently to my history and my husband. He put me back on the medication I had been on before June 2019 and added meds to help me sleep and for anxiety. I have been seeing him regularly and thankfully can sleep again. Dr. Rodriguez saved me. 

The LCOH Rapid Access Program was a godsend for me. Having a program like this for people who don’t need true inpatient care, that allows them to see a psychiatrist quickly, is so powerful. When someone needs to see a doctor, but are asked to wait 6-8 weeks for a new patient appointment, can mean the difference between life and death. And I’m not being dramatic with that statement. LCOH was my last hope for help – and my husband and I are so grateful for the care I received. A primary care physician should never administer psychiatric medications – they do not have the expertise that’s needed to manage this complex disease. With Dr. Rodriguez, I have hope again that I will continue to improve every day and I am looking forward to my life returning to normal now with the care and help I received through Rapid Access and the LCOH. The care and help that so many people are missing.