While patient stories offer a qualitative look at outcomes, Lindner Center of HOPE also measures and evaluates how effectively residential staff, programs and services deliver the mission using CGI, the Clinical Global Impressions Scale and PHQ-9 scores. CGI is an assessment, submitted by a patient’s clinicians, of symptoms, behavior and impact of illness on function and is one of the best global measures of psychiatric illness severity in psychiatry.

The PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire) is used to provisionally diagnose depression and as a severity measure at admission and discharge severity of symptoms. The chart below reflects CGI-S and PHQ-9 scores over of the course of several months.

CGI-S and PHQ-9 Past Results JANUARY 2020 THRU JULY 2020


CGI Scale
1 = Normal, not at all ill
2 = Borderline mentally ill
3 = Mildly ill
4 = Moderately ill
5 = Markedly ill
6 = Severely mentally ill
7 = Among the most extremely ill patients

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) Scale
0-4 Minimal or none
5-9 Mild
10-14 Moderate
15-19 Moderately severe
20-27 Severe