Binge Eating Disorder Treatments Track

Binge Eating Disorder 12-Day Skills Building Intensive

For an individual diagnosed with binge eating disorder, who feels out of control with their eating and often does not know how to cope with their urges to binge. This program will provide a collection of concrete and specific skills the motivated patient can learn swiftly, that can aid in reducing the frequency and severity of their binge eating, while teaching the skills to better control binge eating disorder symptoms. This program can be a precursor to longer term outpatient treatment or a refresher for those looking for a booster to previous treatment.

Patients in the binge eating disorder therapy track can expect to spend time on:

  • Assessment
  • Mindfulness
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Binge Eating: External Triggers
  • Binge Eating: Internal Triggers
  • Movement Versus Exercise
  • Relapse Prevention

How can a 12-Day Skills Building Intensive help patients learn how to better control binge eating disorder?

The Binge Eating Disorder (BED) 12-day skills building intensive is designed to meet each patient where they are and develop a plan to increase coping ability so that they can better control binge eating disorder symptoms. The program starts with assessing the patient not only for current symptoms but for orientation to mindfulness, intuitive eating and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). An individualized plan to control their binge eating disorder is designed with an emphasis on balance and moderation — health not weight, reducing perfectionism, restriction and diet mentality. Primary therapy techniques for controlling binge eating disorder will include mindfulness and intuitive eating. Additionally, the patient will work with their coach to evaluate both external and internal binge eating disorder triggers. Finally, time is spent focusing on relapse prevention and learning from relapse.

Who can benefit from a Binge Eating Disorder 12-Day Skills Building Intensive?

Highly motivated patients who already have a diagnosis of BED, and want a short term intensive program to help them gain more control over their binge eating disorder.

Patients newly diagnosed with BED and are not ready to commit to a full residential program.

View a sample Binge Eating Disorder 12-Day Skills Building Intensive schedule: SH-BED INTENSIVE