The Faith Center at Lindner Center of HOPE

Our Spiritual Care Professionals compassionately affirm the dignity and value of each individual and honors the right of each faith group to embrace its ideals and traditions, including religious diversity.

Uniquely designed to seat up to 32 people, the Faith Center offers a tranquil atmosphere to enhance the essential spiritual care we provide for our patients and their families. The Faith Center includes a piano and a meditation garden.

Over 200 research studies have shown that a religious commitment is associated with:

  • Better physical and functional status
  • Reduced extent of psychopathology
  • Greater emotional well-being
  • Improved coping
  • Strengthening of social supports
  • Overall health enhancement
  • Prevention/Survival

Spiritual Care Touches the Lives of Patients

“Having someone to pray with me in a hospital setting has been such a comfort.”

“I’ve been provided with such strength and hope. My spirituality has really grown.”

“I couldn’t have made it this far without Lindner Center of HOPE. I still talk about the poem Faith vs. Doubt.”

“I have HOPE of reconnecting to a faith community.”