Life Skills Development Coach

As Life Skills Development Coach, Mrs. McCarthy is responsible for all areas of assessment, development, and implementation of all services related to living, learning, working, structuring and planning time for patients at the Lindner Center of HOPE. Mrs. McCarthy serves patients, who are utilizing the Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program, Sibcy House, and outpatient services as well as any individual who is in need of her assistance across the age spectrum. Mrs. McCarthy works with patients to discover their dreams in all life areas, despite any obstacles they may have. She works with the treatment team to best understand how the patient functions to assist them towards success.

Mrs. McCarthy is a veteran in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services and has done numerous presentations and trainings to share her experience. Most recently she was appointed to the Certification Commission for Psychiatric Rehabilitation for a national organization named Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA) in addition to the many positions that she has held over the years. Mrs. McCarthy has also been at the Lindner Center of HOPE since it opened over 5 years ago and serves on the internal Hope Chest Committee.