Our Game Changing Vision

Changing the Look of Mental Health

The inviting lodge and wooded surroundings welcome struggling patients and families and provide for a healing environment to help find answers to complex mental health questions.

Our Game Changing Formula

Changing the DNA of the Traditional Clinical Team

The highly trained and onsite clinical teams at Lindner Center of HOPE work with patients, families and referrers to uncover and discover underlying mental health and addictive disorder co-morbidities. Many patients are not afforded this very important and efficient clinical opportunity that can change the course of treatment.

Our Game Changing Approach

Changing the Formula of Assessment & Treatment

There are times when a patient needs to take a different approach before taking the next steps. In these situations Lindner Center of HOPE can help save valuable time and resources by offering patients, families and referrers time to stabilize, clarify and develop a blueprint with a new approach.