Women’s Health

What Women Should Know About Antidepressants

Danielle Johnson, MD, FAPA Lindner Center of HOPE/UC Health Psychiatrist Lindner Center of HOPE Women’s Mental Health Program Director University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry   Psychiatric medications are prescribed to treat the symptoms of mental health disorders. They can stabilize symptoms and prevent relapse. They work by affecting neurotransmitters […]

Menopause and Depression: Causes and Treatments

An estimated 8 – 15% of all women experience symptoms of depression during menopause.  Unfortunately, problems are often misdiagnosed, because many of the symptoms of depression mimic those of normal menopause. Increased fatigue, appetite and sleep disturbance, difficulty concentrating, and increased irritability are symptoms of both clinical depression and peri-menopause (the 8-10 years prior to […]