Sibcy House

Adult Residential Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment Program

Is an issue just not being addressed? Are you or a loved one unable to settle an emotional problem in your life? Feeling like you’ve tried other solutions and it just hasn’t worked? We can help.

Sibcy House at Lindner Center of HOPE, near Cincinnati, Ohio, is a specialized and enhanced therapeutic environment connected to the larger hospital, offering comprehensive diagnostic assessment and short-term residential treatment programs for individuals, age 18 and older, suffering with complex, co-morbid mental health and addiction issues. (Looking for an adolescent program?)

Our renowned multi-disciplinary clinical team uses state-of-the science technology, evidence-based treatment modalities and clinical expertise to accurately diagnose patients, create individualized treatment plans, and provide intensive short-term treatment designed to improve overall treatment trajectory and ready the individual for success at the next identified level of care.

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Our Programs

Our patients benefit from an extensive diagnostic assessment followed by extended stays to initiate their individualized treatment plan. We have three main programs.

  • 10-day diagnostic assessment, which begins with an extensive array of assessments and tests, then clinical observation by a range of clinical professionals, and ends with presenting treatment recommendations to the patient.
  • 28-day treatment program, which includes the diagnostic assessment. The rest of the period is an intensive treatment period that includes a full daily schedule of events for the patient. Each patient has his or her own mix of individual therapy sessions, group sessions, recreation and fitness.
  • Continuing treatment happens after an initial stay. Patients often choose to remain at Sibcy House for intervals of seven days to enhance their treatment and better prepare for success at the next level of their care.

We treat a variety of disorders, as well as complex issues and co-occurring disorders. Our program is built to get to the root of these issues and treat each disorder both individually and together. Here are the disorders we diagnose and treat.

Who sees the most benefit from our programs?

Our approach offers a clinical advantage for patients who:

  • Are experiencing their first behavioral crisis or have recently been diagnosed with a mental disorder.
  • Have struggled with long-standing mental illness and/or multiple diagnoses.
  • Experience intermittent or escalating behavioral crises.
  • Have reached an impasse with their current treatment plan.
  • Are facing difficulties at work school or home caused by substance or behavioral addictions.
  • Had their medications changed three or more times in an attempt to alleviate their symptoms.
  • May have multiple underlying issues that may not have even been diagnosed yet.
  • Nothing seems to be working and the next steps are difficult to determine.

Why choose Sibcy House?

Internationally recognized for progressive programs and exceptional skills, our clinicians and support staff look forward to assisting you in your journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling life. Learn more about why you should choose us here.

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