Financial Obligations

Payment Considerations

Insurance policies and benefits vary greatly. Below is an overview of the payment process for TMS Therapy at Lindner Center of HOPE.

The initial consultation with a psychiatrist to determine whether TMS Therapy is a treatment option is typically covered by insurance. Lindner Center of HOPE will collect patient insurance information prior to your appointment and patient will be responsible to pay co-pay or appropriate charges at your consult appointment. Lindner Center of HOPE will then file the claim with your insurance company.

TMS Therapy, approved by the US FDA in 2008, may not be covered by all major health plans. Lindner Center of HOPE Registration staff can inform patients of their TMS benefits. Payment for TMS Therapy is made by the patient at the time of service and payment guidelines will be outlined. If TMS Therapy patients would like to submit charges to their insurance company, Lindner Center of HOPE will provide patients claim information. In the meantime, payment for TMS Therapy is made by the patient at the time of service. Payment guidelines will be outlined by the counselor.

Lindner Center of HOPE can provide patients information to obtain financing through outside services.
Financing options are also available. Ask the financial counselor at Lindner Center of HOPE for more information by calling 513-536-0537 or 1-888-537-4229.