Supported Employment

Supported Employment at Lindner Center of HOPE

The Supported Employment Program at Lindner Center of HOPE assists individuals diagnosed with mental illness and anyone in need of assistance with career/employment goals to achieve their dreams.

With early intervention it’s possible to achieve employment rates as high as 90%.

By starting with an individual’s strengths, abilities, needs, and preferences, the Employment Specialist is able to assist individuals in achieving their goals.

The Employment Specialist not only works with the individual job seekers but she also works with a network of employers and colleges in the community as well.

The unique aspects of Lindner Center of HOPE’s Supported Employment program include:

  • Focus is on the “individual” and his/her “dreams”
  • Ability to serve “anyone” who is in need of assistance with educational/employment goals
  • Goal-setting skills that can be used in all aspects of life
  • Resources
  • Networking opportunities

There is HOPE.

To learn more, call Melissa McCarthy, MS, CRC, Employment Specialist, at 513- 536-0624.

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