Appropriate Patients

Patients Appropriate for Lindner Center of HOPE IOP

  • Adults ages 18 and older.
  • Individuals experiencing problems with addiction and/or co-occurring disorders significant enough to affect daily functioning or quality of life, problems maintaining sobriety but not severe enough to need detoxification, hospitalization or residential services.
  • Individuals needing to step down from residential treatment or step up from individual therapy.
  • Individuals with a current substance related diagnosis included in the most current edition of the DSM. Individuals with a secondary diagnosis related to mental health issues may also be present.

How to Refer:

  • Call (513) 536-0050 and ask for IOP admissions to schedule your assessment. If you need program specific information, please ask to speak to the supervisor of outpatient addiction services.
  • Referrals from other providers are encouraged. Whether it is an adjunct to a current course of treatment or a need for transitioning to another level of service, collaborative information from other providers is vital to conducting a comprehensive assessment and coordinating care. A referral form is available (Click here to download form) regarding the patient. This form can be faxed to (513) 204-3476.
  • If referred by a provider, prospective patients will be contacted by admissions staff to answer questions, gather benefit information, and schedule the full intake assessment. With informed consent by the patient, referring parties will be notified of any recommendations forthcoming as a result of the assessment and ultimately provided course of treatment summaries and any recommendations for follow up care.

Call (513) 536-0050 and ask for IOP admissions. To download the referral form, click here. For program information call (513) 536-0050 and ask to speak to the supervisor of outpatient addiction services for more information.