Frequently Asked Questions

Can patients drive to EDO PHP? Does the program offer transportation?

Any patient who can safely drive and is permitted to do so may drive to and from the program.  All others must arrange transportation as Lindner Center of HOPE does not offer transportation for this program.

Will my insurance cover EDO PHP?

Many insurance plans cover partial hospitalization.  Lindner Center of HOPE staff will work with each individual patient to determine coverage prior to enrollment in the program.

How do I contact the PHP team for referral and possible admission?

Call 513-536-4673 to learn more about the program or make a patient referral.

Is Medicaid coverage accepted?

Currently the Lindner Center of HOPE does participate in the Medicaid program.

Will the patient need money for meals or incidental items?

No money is needed during the EDO PHP day for enrolled patients.

How are medications managed during the day?

Medications should be taken prior to program attendance each day as prescribed.  Medications that cannot be taken prior to arrival will be secured by patients in patient lockers. Medications will not be routinely administered by program staff.  The need for emergency medications for crisis intervention will likely result in inpatient admission.

Does the program offer a waiting list?

Waiting lists are not kept.  If the program is full when a patient qualifies for admission, a screening assessment will be completed, the request for EDO PHP admission recorded and appropriate recommendations for treatment provided to the patient.

Are there any patient exclusionary criteria?

Patients will not be admitted to the program if any of the following apply:

  • Meets criteria for inpatient hospitalization
  • Significant active or invasive medical treatment needs not usually managed by the patient himself/herself
  • Criminal court order for treatment
  • History of sexual perpetration or a registered sexual offender