Research Institute – Research Personnel

Diane Monahan
Research Institute Office Coordinator
Phone: (513) 536-0716
Email: diane.monahan@lindnercenter.org

Nicole Mori, RN, MSN, APRN-BC
Research Advanced Practice Nurse
Phone: (513) 536-0712
Email: nicole.mori@lindnercenter.org

Anna I. Guerdjikova, PhD, LISW
Research Investigator
Phone: (513) 536-0721
Email: anna.guerdjikova@lindnercenter.org

Brian E. Martens, L.S.W., M.S.
Research Investigator
Phone: (513) 536-0720
Email: brian.martens@lindnercenter.org

Lisa Mundo, MA
Clinical Research Assistant
Phone: (513) 536-0731
Email: lisa.mundo@lindnercenter.org

Stephanie Williams, MS
Clinical Research Assistant
Phone: (513) 536-0704
Email: Stephanie.williams@lindnercenter.org

Genie Groff, BA
Research Program Manager
Phone: (513) 536-0715
Email: genie.groff@lindnercenter.org

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