Causes of OCD

OCD inflicts a staggering toll on individuals, families, and even employers. It is the eighth-leading cause of medical disability for individuals age 15 to 44. Evidence shows that OCD affects men and women equally.

Although leading researchers are still exploring the causes of OCD and co-occurring mental health problems, most believe they may be caused by a complex interaction of genetic, medical, psychological and psychosocial factors:

  • Genetics or hereditary factors
  • Biology or changes in the body’s chemistry or brain functions
  • Certain medications may increase symptoms of OCD in some individuals.
  • Behavior-related habits learned over time
  • Insufficient serotonin

Fortunately, progressive, proven treatment is available through Lindner Center of HOPE where an experienced team of clinicians and licensed psychotherapists experienced in OCD can accurately diagnose and treat a variety of OCD and co-occurring conditions.