Residential Program

Residential Treatment Provides Individualized, Integrated Care

Sibcy House and Williams House, Lindner Center of HOPE’s premier, residential program, offers therapy without the treatment constraints sometimes imposed by third-party payers. Patients 11 and older begin their journey to wellness with one of the most advanced and comprehensive diagnostic assessments available – all designed to reveal the true causes of co-occurring conditions. Patients gain the benefit of intensive, virtually unlimited access to clinicians and therapies for treating co-occurring conditions. They return to daily life with a personal blueprint for continued healing and recovery.

Who Benefits

  • Patients transitioning from other hospitals or treatment programs
  • Patients who seeking confidential treatment
  • Patients who have hope for a life beyond the constraints of mental illness and/or addiction
  • Patients who are ready to pursue intensive treatment and recovery from complex, co-morbidity:
    • A patient that has had their medications changed 3 or more times in an attempt to alleviate symptoms
    • A patient that has underlying issues that may not have been diagnosed yet
    • A complicated patient for whom nothing is working

What’s Provided

  • Sibcy House and Williams House offer confidential, private-pay treatment for treatment of co-occurring conditions.
  • Length of stay varies according to the patient’s individual disorders.
  • Short-term residential program offers a simultaneous, focused combination of psychiatric management, psychotherapy, and medication to effectively identify and treat co-occurring conditions.

Payment Options

At Lindner Center of HOPE, we understand that dealing with the financial implications of mental illness can be difficult. That’s why we are here to help. Together we can work through your financial obligations and payment options.

Payment for Sibcy House and Williams House is discretely arranged on a private-pay basis. Financial counselors are available to discuss payment arrangements.

Contact Us

Today is the day to invest in your mental health. For more information about Sibcy House or Williams House call 513-536-0537 or 1-888-53-SIBCY (7-4229).

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